Some Things to Feel Good About

by - Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I try to keep on top of the news around the environment, but I often cannot stand to read so much depressing news stories in a row. I am suspicious that this constant onslaught of bad news stomps out our motivation to try, because the problem just feels too big. On this blog, I am trying to propose an environmentalism that is personally sustainable- a bunch of little changes we can all keep up with, and I want to focus on the positive, not because I won't readily admit the problems we face are huge and important, but because good things are happening. It's worth focusing on and feeling empowered, because the changes we make CAN make a difference.

1. Outlawing Drilling- Obama and his team just released a new plan for drilling that no longer includes the Atlantic Ocean- awesome! Many groups and individuals have been fighting and fighting against off shore drilling, and for good reason, that drilling causes a lot of pollution to our water and if (see: when) there is a spill, it can be incredibly destructive and literally impossible to clean up. So seeing these changes is very encouraging. On the other hand, Alaskan waters and the Gulf of Mexico are both still included within the plan, so there is still room to stand up and fight for clean water. Alaskan waters are especially scary because there are already so many struggles in that area for the wildlife because of the melting glaciers. So, if you want to tell Obama to keep doing good for the Earth and change the plan further, check out this information at Greenpeace.

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2. Agro-suburbia- After five years in Mountain View, I can confidently say I am not a suburbs/ subdivision kind of girl. I need to be able to walk to things! My deeper concern is that these communities usually don't have centers, so it can be easy to never really know your neighbors or feel ownership/ community in the very local space that you live. I love this idea they are doing in California, where a subdivision isn't organized around a golf course or swimming pool (or nothing), but a shared community garden. How awesome is that! I just love this idea, and I wonder if it's something people could retroactively include community gardens into their subdivisions and neighborhoods. So cool!

3. Denmark's First Expired Food Grocery Store is a Big Hit- This store sells products which other grocery stores would throw out and house goods with imperfections at 30 to 50% of the original price. I love it. So many products that just would have gone to waste will get use now. I hope this ideas just keeps growing from here, now that people can see it's a viable option.

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