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by - Tuesday, March 15, 2016

For a few years, The Boy would buy me a Victoria's Secret gift card for Christmas, and then I would spend it during their semi-annual sale in January. You could get so much stuff for so little money! Now, nobody get embarrassed, the majority of what I bought looks like this number:

Pajama shirts! I love them. And this is why I make the world a sexier place- just like those models. My Victoria Secret is used to wrap wet babies in. You're welcome, world. This Christmas, I put the kibosh on this gift, because you know what Victoria's Secret really is? It's not really a secret at all- they have a long history of incredibly unethical labor standards, including child labor.  And this is the stuff they claimed to be "fair trade."That's right, sexy ladies, think about that the next time you put some lacy business on. Little children made your intimates.

Underwear and sleepwear are in the top five objects I will never recommend getting used. I promise, that level of granola is not to be found here. Because they are objects only we will use before they get discarded (or donated to use as scraps and rags), it seems all the more important to seek out ethical, eco-friendly, and Made in America options. These often feel like the kind of clothes that matter the least and can be easily cast aside, but it's those cheap purchases and little tosses, repeated hundreds of times over a lifetime, that add up to a lot of waste and BAD done just by your shopping. We can do better.

So here is a list of other potential options ranging from Victoria Secret's sexy lady style to Victoria Secret pajama-style. Be sure to avoid synthetic materials (that garbage lasts forever) and to support companies you respect! We can change the world by changing how we shop. So let's get to it:

Bedhead (USA)- They have pajamas for men, women, and children. I dream of one day putting my children in matching embarrassing pajamas (because I gave them life, and I can), and these are fun, cozy, and appropriately spirited. Perfect pajamas and Made in America!

Bella Materna (USA)- Maternity and Nursing intimates and clothing, all made in the USA! Come on, that is pretty awesome. My advice for soon to be nursers? First, take a long look at your beautiful breasts, because pretty soon a very small demanding person will be a real jerk about them, and suddenly they become nipple-topped anchors. Second, get 2 maternity bras and 3 or 4 nursing tanks and call it a day. This is a great course, and they make some of the best stuff you can find.

Between the Sheets (USA)- This saucily-named company makes their lingerie, sleepwear, and loungewear (seriously, who just lounges?) in the Garment district in New York City, which is mostly impressive because so much of the manufacturing there has moved out of the USA. Supporting great companies like this one not only provides you with some gorgeous sleeping and underpantsing, it also supports manufacturing in America! That's awesome.

Blue Canoe (USA, EF)- These eco-friendly and American made undies and bras basically fulfill all of my criteria for awesomeness. And for underwear,  which no one wants to buy used (for good and truly gross reason), this is as good as it gets. Plus, they are pretty cute!

Cass Luxury Shapewear (USA)- Like Spanx, but more luxurious. So you can't breath, but you do feel fancy. They even have tops that prevent slouching, so if they make that work, count me as impressed.

Commando (USA)- This brand makes underwear, lingerie, and shapewear in the USA. They also make all of those cool pasty and double sided tape type things that we all wish we had when it is too late and you are already somewhere with your nunjas hanging out (is that just me?). Lots of variety and options.

Deborah Marquit (USA)- When people say the word lingerie, this is what they think of. Lacy and sexy and mostly see through. Also, made in America! Nearly naked is the American way! Woot woot!

Fair Indigo (FT)- This Fair Trade website has a whole page for ethically-made pajamas, including things you find on this list and a few other gems.

Farr West (USA)- Silky nightgowns and pajama sets in classic colors and no-cling fabric. Nothing too fussy, but everything looks pretty, feminine, and well-made. Also, hoorah for no-cling, because no one needs to see that.

Good and Fair (FT, EF)- This fair trade and eco-friendly company sells a small collection of tanks and undies for women, as well as boxers for men.

Goodwear (USA)- They have one sleepshirt for women, but better to do one thing right than a bunch of things badly, right?' I would sleep in it, for sure. It reminds me of wearing our parents' shirts as kids.

Hanky Panky (USA, EF)- This lingerie company (with really cute stuff) actually encourages customers to take good care of their lingerie with care instructions on their website. They want you to buy less so you make less waste. How much else do you need to know? Made in the Northeast using ethical and Fair Trade fabrics. I love them. Everyone say goodbye to Victoria and her secret and give them money instead.

Naked Princess (USA)- Were you just thinking you needed a new long slinky gown to hang around the house in? Do you dream of being Jeanette MacDonald? This is your store. You can also find lots of cute sexy "loungewear" and lingerie.

Noctu (O)- All organic cotton nightshirts and pajama pants. Not clear on labor or the environment, so probably not my first choice, but they also look clean and simple, so may be worth it to check them out.

Only Hearts (USA)- Lots of well-designed, sexy, and very cool lingerie. The women wearing cool minimalist outfits with inexplicable yet perfect clunky shoes are probably wearing Only Hearts lingerie underneath. Based out of New York. Only writing this blog would make me face the fact that there are pairs of underpants out in the world that are cooler than I will ever be.

Pact (FT, EF)- Pact is my current favorite source for underwear. They don't sell bras, but they do sell well-made and long-lasting socks and tights as well as the comfiest undies you would ever want. They don't have tons of options, but all the options I have tried, I have loved. Great for men and babies as well. Organic, sweat-shop free, GOTS and Fair Trade certified, and I even bought socks that were made in a wind powered factory. Awesome!

Rago (USA)- Shapewear that has really nice lacy and lined designs, though I don't think you can make any pretty enough that people would want to just wear it to the beach.

Real Girls Lingerie (USA)- As much as I hate the term "real" when applied to women (because the rest, as you know, are cylons), I do love this California-based company which sells lingerie for women with some curve. Also, their stuff is just as cute or cuter than anything I saw on any other site.

Second Base (USA, EF)- These underwear pieces are made in the USA of spandex (eh) and modal, which is an eco-friendly fabric made from the cellulose of trees. They specialize in making pieces that make sheer dresses or vavavoom cut tops a little more modest. Great concept, and even better that they are manufactured here.

SNOA Sleepwear (USA, EF)- Mostly Pajamas and robes, but they do have the capelet you need to stay warm on those cold, vampire nights. The fabrics are Eco-friendly and are known for being especially soft and comfortable.

The Vermont Flannel Company (USA)- Where we can all buy our Christmas jammies from now on. All kinds of pajama pants, sleep shirts, leggings, and shorts. With lots of plaid choices, and some look really cute!

Zic and Cha Cha (USA)- They make his and her boxers sets. Super cute, even if you don't understand boxers for women (or is that just me?).

See, now do you really want to go back to Victoria's Secret? You have so many other options! If you are excited to green your wardrobe, check out Little Green Dress's lists of Ethical and Made in the USA shoes, make-up, and clothes! Want to switch over your shopping in general? Check out my Giant List of Shopping Lists (no really, it's getting pretty huge) and you can find better options for most of the things you buy.

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