Some Things to Feel Good About

by - Wednesday, March 09, 2016

I try to keep on top of the news around the environment, but I often cannot stand to read so much depressing news in a row. I am suspicious that this constant onslaught of bad news stomps out our motivation to try, because the problem just feels too big. On this blog, I am trying to propose an environmentalism that is personally sustainable- a bunch of little changes we can all keep up with, and I want to focus on the positive, not because I won't readily admit the problems we face are huge and important, but because good things are happening. It's worth focusing on. 

from nearmap on mashable
1. Disney's Renewable Energy with Mouse Ears-  If Disney knows two things, it's how to run a parking garage and how to brand themselves. You could see their giant solar panel Mickey Mouse as obnoxious, but it makes me smile. Because if Disney wants renewable energy to be a part of their brand identity, then it has real mainstream traction. I used to pitch to The Boy that McDonald's or Target should have a huge solar power initiative as a PR move, because they are so ubiquitous (not to mention the investment would pay for itself). I think this is pretty similar, and I love it. What a way to power Disneyworld!

2. Las Vegas's Lights are Getting a New Source of Energy- Three of the most major casinos published a plan to power their casinos with solar power. They are getting pushback from Las Vegas utilities companies (not uncommon, they want to make their money more than help the Earth), but I feel confident these casinos can make it happen. They strip gets so much sun, so it really makes sense for the whole thing to be solar-powered!

3. The Black Mambas- This all female collective are "winning the war against poaching" fighting the illegal rhino poaching industry in South Africa. How badass is a bunch of ladies out fighting poachers? Even better? They are succeeding! The poaching of rhino in that area is down 76%. Wow. I love reading about them- we can all do something big when we work together!

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