3 Things- Fun, Fish, and Jesus's Lady Shaming

by - Monday, March 07, 2016

1. An Actual Fun Day- The Boy has been all about progress lately, so it was nice to have a Sunday where we accomplished very little and just had fun together. I felt so encouraged to see how much fun the Bub had on our adventure, and I feel like we should be doing it way more often, because who needs toys when you have adventures?

2. This Fish- Jellyfish will always have my heart, but this may be what I actually look like on the inside. Slightly less concerned, but otherwise, this is the gist. As a side note, and they are getting a letter from me later this week, Seattle Aquarium needs to practice what they preach- if you want to keep the waters clean, why are you serving drinks with plastic straws in your cafe? Why can't I find one toy in your gift shop that wasn't made in China? Pull it together, guys. If you believe in clean and local, than do clean and local, for goodness sakes.

from Faith Aloud
3. This Sign- One of my favorites ever. A good reminder we can all keep. Check out their website.

Bonus: Nipple discussion- Everyone deserves at least one friend they can discuss nipples with. That does not include babies, who I find are all too excited about boobs. Happy to have that friend.

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