Letter to Get Better- Sephora Website, Help a Girl Out!

by - Friday, March 04, 2016

Sephora Customer Service,

Hello glamorous people! I have always liked your store, though I generally feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. How does one ever choose? So many girly things! This month, I was doing research on make up that is eco-friendly, that is made in America, or that makes less plastic waste. I assumed that your website would have tons of information for me. As I found companies that were doing good things, many mentioned they were sold on your website, so I was sure it was going to be so helpful.

But your website wasn't helpful at all.

For whatever reason, you don't have a filter for Made in America cosmetics.
When I look up eco-friendly, only 10 products come up, even though I know for certain other eco-conscious products are sold in your store.
What's the deal?

I wrote you to ask, because I figure you want to give the consumer any information they need to make a purchase, and this was your reply:

"Thank you for contacting Sephora.com. 
Currently we do not have a listing of products manufactured in the United States. We recommend going to the brands website for more information."

Um, ok? You know that means I can find better information (and usually better prices) on Amazon? Why would I buy my make-up from you if you aren't experts on the make up issues that matter and you clearly don't care?

Your email was a great reminder that made in America and eco-friendly products is still not a priority for many large companies. That is a bummer for you, because I can tell from my readership that people see ethical make up as a priority when they shop for cosmetics. If I want to make an informed decision, it seems to me it would be in your company's best interest to just be forthcoming. Point me to things, and I will give you my money! Especially when you have so many great products to highlight! Just by bringing focus to these kinds of products, or at least making them possible to find, you can help reduce the use of fossil fuels in transporting these goods long distances and minimize the tremendous waste created by most packaging in the cosmetic industry. It's such a small change in how you manage your website, but it helps you, your consumer, and the Earth.

So I ask you to consider my original question again. Could you have a search or filter for Made in the USA or Environmentally-Friendly make-up products?

Thank you!

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