5 Things for this Week- Shrimp, Laundry Detergent, and Dreaming of Doughnuts

by - Saturday, March 05, 2016

1. Shrimp and Avocado salad- Oh, Toulouse Petit, you may not be the coolest place in Seattle, but I love you anyway. Coolness is for the birds. At least the cool birds. So penguins. I will take my salad.

2. Ridykeulos- A lesbian artist collective that consistently makes me laugh and think. I have been reading a lot about them this week, and I love their play on Guerrilla Girls art.

3. Blogging for Creatives- The Boy bought me a book on blogging to try to help me up my game. I have only poked at it up until now, but I am sure at some point it will be very helpful.

4. The Simply Co Laundry Detergent- We are trying out a new laundry detergent, and I think a package this big will last me months and months. I love that this company is made in the USA, package in a glass bottle (no more plastic), and even ship with zero waste! So excited to start using this and I am hopeful I found our detergent. It is 32 oz, so at least 60 loads, and that will last me a long time, because we are laundry bums.

5. Doughnut Haggling- I beg God to sent me a Lent pass for doughnuts daily. So far, no big sign, except that doughnuts make an appearance ALL THE TIME. A sign, right? Lent is hard towards the middle.

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