Gussing Up in October and Fashion Inspiration for November

by - Sunday, November 01, 2015

What Worked in October

It is just sad how little I have gussed up in the last month (and by gussed up, I mean wearing something at least as nice as jeans). We just keep fighting this cold, so we didn't take some of our regular fall outings, but I did have a few things I thought worked. 

 Busting out the Boots- I do love this time of year, because I love to layer. I am happy to bring my boots out and get to be warm and cozy.

Eva Franco- I busted out an Eva Franco dress to go in a wedding- totally made in the US, her dresses are so feminine (especially for hourglass shapes) with fun, feminine fabrics. It looks a bit like someone turned their grandma's couch into a dress, but I need a plastic coat to nail the look.

 New Made in America Basics- I seem stuck in the no-clothes land between prego and pre-pregnancy weight, but I can't just go traipsing around naked, so I needed to just get some basics that could fill in the blanks where I am sick of baggy clothes from last winter but am not quite ready for the last pre-prego bin. I bought this tank top and this t-shirt (which I just now read is not machine washable... oops) from Modcloth's Made in America tab, my favorite place to browse for clothes. You can almost see the tank under the baby, but it is perfect! Just what I needed.

Low Key (But Fun) Halloween- I didn't really go all out (though I did dress up both my boys). I wore my new favorite t-shirt from American Apparel. I also bought a viking hat to match my little viking- I bought it from Unforgettable Stitch on Etsy, and I love it. It seems sturdy, which is good because I think it will have a long life in the dress up clothes.

Inspiration for November

My inspiration for November is something I already own- my desert boots! I bought these boots before our honeymoon, but honestly, they don't get the use I thought they would. I am generally a dress and leggings type of girl in the fall, but this month I am going to try to find inspiration in my own closet, and wear these boots every time we go out! Do you have a pair of boots you were sure you would wear, and then it never seems to happen? Chukka boots, let's get walking.

I feel like this is the classic Chukka boot look on's cute blog. I like the big loosey goosey scarf, tight jeans, and sweater. I can definitely do this, and I probably will, but I want to stretch a little too.
from See Jane Wear
Jane on See Jane Wear often makes really smart combinations of feminine pieces and more gender neutral ones. I think the boots don't make it out that often, because if I am making an effort, I usually wear a dress, but this inspires me to try to put it together.

This is my primary inspiration for the month- I love the combination of the floral dress and the chukka boot, because this is exactly how I would want to do it! Excited to see what I can come up with using only what I already have!

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