10 Things from the 2015 Halloween Plague

by - Saturday, October 31, 2015

 Can I write this before the Nyquil kicks in? Let's see. The last week has been a hot mess in our household. The Bub got a nasty cold and then passed it to his parents, so The Boy missed 4 days of work and I finished off my month at Artsy crusty and miserable. It hasn't been a cute look on anyone. And if the baby isn't cute, nobody's cute! Still, there is plenty to be happy about, so let's dwell on that.

 1. End of Season Peppers- I weirdly love the end of a veggie's season, because so often you just get these sort of tubs at the Farmer's Market. I just thought this was so pretty. We shopped Saturday morning for Chicken Pot Pie, so we got to use one of these. And it was delicious. We also bought the most expensive chicken breasts of our lives. I think I have found my limit on the organic, ethical, etc food, because that chicken was ridiculous!

2. Sex Watercolors- It is a good day at work if I get to an artist's website and it warns me "Not Safe for Work." Dude, this is my work! Reuben Negron makes these light, detailed, almost photorealistic watercolors of people in all kinds of positions that are only useful for one very particular kind of work. They don't feel needlessly provocative or pandering, I thought most were pretty sweet, but I mostly just like that this is paired with naps, bottles, and reading The Pout Pout Fish.

3. Medicine- I love you Nyquil.

 4. Craft projects- This week has made it clear to me that I can't just do nothing. Crafting and yard work in the rain is apparently my adult version of relaxing (oh! And doing research for this blog- wait until you see all the cool stuff coming next month). These turned out a little like Pinterest Fails. All the Footenstein monsters look so morose. What's eating you? Maybe they knew I would still not have them finished.

 5. Goodwill Trips- We spent most of Sunday on the floor feeling sorry for ourselves, but we did head out to get a few supplies we needed for Halloween costumes and to look for chairs. We didn't get either of those things, but we did get this awesome sifter. Goodwill is our new Target- go in for one thing, come out with 6 other things.

6. Tyler Florence- We watch one hour of food reality television a night, so our son can spend time with his second father: Tom Collichio. Right now, we are taking a Top Chef break for the marvel of Food Truck Road Trip. Let's get rolling. If nothing else, this show gives Gordon Ramsey the most epic challenge for who is the most hyperbolic chef/tv host ever. They are both looking to be the bestest.

7. Surprise Cinnamon Ice Cream- We had it from the beginning of the month and forgot about it. Ice cream feels so good on a sore throat. Thank you Tillamook for being amazing.

8. B-I-N-G-O- The Bub loves this song. I can guarantee a giggle with some funny faces and bingo's name-o. I like that we have had so many happy days and moments when we should have been miserable (ok, we were a little miserable, I may have mentioned that already, but the baby remained a sweetie.
from Artifact Bag Co
9. Artifact Bag Co- I love all the bags from this Nebraska maker. The downside of all this research is that it has dramatically expanded my own wishlist! I am plotting how to justify the lunch bags (but we only have an infant, so school shopping probably seems premature). Still, we live in a lovely country with lots of creative and talented people. How wonderful is that?

10. Hosta Roots- Is there a bulb at the bottom? Does anyone know? I am trying to dig out this giant mass of Hosta, but I worry I haven't dug down deep enough, because I only have a complex network of roots. Keep digging?

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