3 Things I am Grateful for Today

by - Monday, August 10, 2015

from  phillymag.com
1. Top Chef New Orleans- We have to watch the very first season, and then I think I will have seen them all and can definitively rank them. This might make top three, because the contestants mostly treat each other well, I can say "Oh I have been there," and because I want to eat everything mentioned. A good distraction from that sad come down after company leaves.

2. Freezing out Facebook- I am logging myself out every time I get on, and it weirdly slows down the part of life where you get sucked in for no reason. Hoping to increase my work productivity while the Bub is sleeping, as well as decrease the amount of time I spend rereading people I don't care enough about to call's thoughts on a sports team I know nothing about, or about that cool drink they had, or whatever. Trying to stop using other people's lives as mindless entertainment and using the tool to communicate and nothing else.

3. Recycled Pens- Why aren't all pens made out of recycled plastic? I truly never thought about this before, and now I can't stop thinking about it. Pilot and Onyx, you have won my loyalty for life.

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