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by - Friday, July 10, 2015

Well, maybe. But I could use more positivity in my tragic, sleep-deprived life, so I am going to try to give the blog a real comeback. It's going to look like an inspirational sports movie up in here.  I think if I gave up most facebooking (and therefore most sensational "World is Ending" and "True Christian Bakeries Only Serve Heterosexuals" types of headlines) I could spend more time on being positive and not composing angry retorts to your confederate meme-ing in my head.

So, I have mostly been spending my time begging a very determined baby to sleep. He does not want to sleep. He really does not want to sleep. He has heard that other babies his age have got the sleep thing going on, but they are fools. He is sure something really fun is going on and we are trying to trick him out of it. If he finds zombie staring into space and looking at Pennsylvania real estate crazy good times, then he is right.

That being said, life remains pretty awesome, and our spawn is otherwise hilarious and sweet and a lovely reminder that we all are just made so weird. Here is a big long list of awesome things for the last month, and let's all hope I can pull my shiz back together again, if only because I am sick of listening to myself whine. Also, because you can only read so much about our trip to Hawaii.

 1. That Baseball Knows how Boring it is- And that is super boring. I would much rather watch a sport that agrees with me that it isn't very interesting than something horrible like basketball or football. Also, 3 cheers for being back in a city with a less than stellar team.

2. Beatles Month- We listened to the Fab Four all June, and I can say without a doubt, "Why Don't we Do it in the Road" remains my jam. It makes you think- why would anyone want to do it in the road? Cement is hard! Being hit by a car while doing it seems like it could ruin the mood.

 3. Scallops and Quinoa- I know the plate looks doushey, but it also tastes delicious so I am not sorry. At Ray's Cafe, which has quickly risen into my top 5 Seattle restaurants.

 4. Visits with my Mom a Week after we Visited her- Even if she keeps feeding our child ice cream.

5. Still Not Being Fancy Enough for the Nice Mall- We got intimidated and left. I just don't think I have that girl in me.

6. Sitting in our Yard to Eat- Tomato Salad on our back deck is summer to me. Glad my Mom was there to celebrate summer with us.

 7. Traveling with a Stroller- I lie, traveling with anything more than the bare essentials is complete nonsense. Only bright side? Taking the elevators leads you to corners like this. Apparently LAX is opening up a haunted house wing. Just looking at the picture, I feel like I might be murdered. Let this be a lesson to all of us; leave your nonsense at home, people!

 8. Sprinkles Cupcakes- My sister in law works there, and I am so grateful when she brings us cupcakes, but I hate myself soon after. Have the triple cinnamon and the pumpkin; they are both worth the self-flagellation later.

9. Being in my Brother's Apartment- It makes me a little sad to think that might be the last time, but we used to visit pretty often, so I like feeling so comfortable in their space. Also, I like Koreatown and that they live by every grocery store.

 10. The New Art in Crack Den HoJo- You can dress the scary hotel up, but you can't cover up its glorious, tacky, Bob-Ross-even-hates-it spirit. Still, we had a shower curtain this time, so serious improvement.

 11. These Three- Doesn't get much better than this!

12. Pag's Love for the Baby Carrier- Who knew? He rocked that thing, and he looked damn cute carrying a baby in front of him.

13. Short Flights- A travel day that can start and end in less than 6 hours has become a real treat in our life.

14. Dropping off a Rental Car- So much less horrible than picking up a rental car.

 15. Somebody is Crawling, Sitting, Climbing, and Generally Kicking our (Not Babyproofed) Asses- Oy. It's only exciting for the first 5 minutes. Then it all gets terrifying.

16. Top Pot Doughnuts-  Dear Seattle, I love you, and thank you for the doughnuts (not to mention the kind of friends who bring them to brunch).

 17. The Baby Posse- They are already cooler than I will ever be. Why doesn't everyone's hair stay that amazing?

18. Awkward Visits with Nearly Broken Up Couples- Why is this a re-occuring thing with us? So weird. On a side rant, what's up with 40-somethings who can't host a party? It surprises me every time, but it is kind of fun as well.

19. Fans and Excersaucers-  Hot day. Cool baby. Just leave them directly in front of the fan and contained.

20. Boobie Bites (and Becoming a Lady Who Lunches)- The PEPS group we are leading loves to make the most of that maternity leave, which primarily means drinking wine and making a batch of cookies. These ladies know what they are doing, and I have really appreciated getting to hang out with them. It makes me realize how Stay at Home Moms get sucked into that all the time, because it really tops hermiting all on your own!

 21. Paella- Best scallops the Boy ever made. We will master this dish, and we will do it faster if you all will come to visit!

22. Shock to your System Honesty- Isn't great when you are hanging out with someone who just tells you the truth, ugly, messy, unexpected, even unpleasant? I love it, because I have to sort of struggle to do it myself. It makes someone instantly more likable to me if they don't have that protective layer of bullshit.

23. Jesus Storybook Bible- It has made me weep basically every story thus far. It glows with joy, sadness, and love, and I just think everyone should have one, whether they have a bub or not. Best recommendation ever from my amazing cousin.

 24. The Boy's First Father's Day- This is how he wanted to spend it. What a Man What a Man.

 25. That our Gardner Calls his Partner "My Lady"- It sounds sexist as I type it, but he pulls it off. He also loves to talk about Poke and Hawaii.

26. A Very Small Collection of Toys- Why do people buy infants so many toys? This one is perfectly content to flip his playmat or play with a used napkin. The bar will never be lower, and I want to encourage this minimal expectation.

 27. Soaker Hoses-  I didn't even know this was a thing that existed, but it does, and we have mastered them. On to the next challenge.

 28. Reuniting with these Two- I met both of these women 2 summers at Galileo (that was two years ago!?!?) and I think they are both Magic people. Spending the day with them was a huge treat for a girl who was feeling majorly down, and I just think they are the coolest, even if they do make me feel old.

29. Magic Long Nights of Talking- This is one of those things that feels more rare and precious as you get older, so it was nice to sit, get eaten alive by bugs, and to wax philosophical about God, the environment, our futures, love, what it means to be in your 20's. The little things. It's a privilege to lose track of time every now and then.

30. The Boy- What a Man ,What a Man, What a Man, What a Mighty Good Man. Yes, he is.

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