10 Things for the Last Week- Hawaii and Back

by - Tuesday, June 02, 2015

 1. Huggo's on the Rocks- It's my favorite place on the Big Island. You can put your feet in the sand, have some bright-colored drink, and eat these quesadillas. I love them. If you are going to be in Kona, I highly recommend this bar/restaurant.

2. Poke- Finally tried it, and loved it. Raw tuna is always a good idea, though I will have to try more than 2 iterations before I can pick a favorite. Too much seaweed weirds me out, and I don't know why. But seriously, raw tuna is so much better than any cooked version.

 3. Going to the Beach- I felt weirdly pumped to get out in a swimsuit, much like I was pumped to fly for the first time with a baby. Because I fucking can, and who's going to stop me? It's not the same, but I am not missing a chance to have an adventure.

4. Hawaii Public Beaches- Every shoreline in the Islands has to be open for everyone (though that access can get pretty tricky). I love this. It makes so much sense, and keeps the islands from just being resorts and rich people.

 5. Our Failed Half Birthday Cake- I am sorry Pinterest gods. We are not worthy of you. Why after baking so many cakes am I still so bad at keeping them upright? On the bright side, it also didn't taste very good.

6. Seeing my Mom's New Hospital- Queen of all Badasses, my Mom now runs a physical therapy department at a beautiful little hospital with a league of young professionals clamoring to compliment her grandspawn. It was adorable, and she seems super happy.

7. Novelty Booze (and asking servers for more juice, less rum)- I don't even care much for rum, but I care for the juice they mix it with and the cutesy containers they serve it in. These are my priorities in life- keep me away from the meat of things, just give me bright colors and kitsch.

8. Getting out the High Chair- Oxo Tot employs some geniuses. The bub looks tiny in it now, but he seems happy and the engineering has all sorts of fun surprises.

9. Eurovision 2015- If you don't know what I am talking about, just go youtube it. Really, it's pretty hilarious and fun. Especially if you watch the BBC version, because Graham Norton really hates everyone and just spews harsh truths all over the place. We made it a solid way through the telecast and didn't alienate ourselves in an otherwise baby-free space, so it felt like a victory for us, if not for Serbia, who clearly deserved the win.

10. Our First Seattle Baseball Game-Oh Mariners, you are not so good. So of course, I love you. Also, I appreciate professional baseball for 2 reasons- rickets stay super cheap and it knows how boring it is. Would happily do this once a summer, but let us all pray I don't have a future athlete in my midst.

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