Quote of the Week- Refusing to be Afraid of Conflict

by - Sunday, February 01, 2015

" I'd love to see institutions that somehow operate on the assumption that people can hold vastly different opinions and preferences and desires without having to become enemies, and also without having to lose track of the desires that are shared."

"I think a lot of human progress consists of overcoming certain instincts, and understanding that just because someone wants something different from you, it doesn't mean they are bad or that causing them harm is morally acceptable. But more important, in most cases it also doesn't mean that you will be better off by hurting them. It's so easy to mistake damage to your enemy as personal gain. This happens on every level: among friends, at work, and in politics."

-Misha Glouberman as told to Sheila Heti in The Chairs are Where the People Go, sandwiched between discussions of how to teach charades. Such a weird and lovely book.

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