Bumpwatch- Week 32

by - Sunday, September 28, 2014

How Far Along: 32 weeks completed! Bumbo Baby is the size of a squash, but even more exciting, he seems to have found a more comfy spot for everyone involved, so I am pumped about that. Isn't it weird, when you think about it, that they spend up to 2 months hanging out upside down inside you before they come out? What kind of vampire bat is hanging from my rib cage? Also, for all the other advice you get to walk with a newborn or sing to a newborn because they are used to it, why is there no alternative parenting movement where you carry your baby upside down?

Best Moment of the Week: The Boy and I went to the birthing floor tour yesterday morning, and rather than coming out overwhelmed with our pre-parental laxness, I think we mostly felt pretty reassured by the whole thing. The rooms are super big, there is a one to one patient to nurse ratio, and they leave the baby with you the whole time as long as everyone is healthy. They even have big jacuzzi tubs, so it is like the most painful spa I could ever go to. It is weird to have an actual place to imagine now when I think about labor, and it made the whole thing feel real, but mostly in a good way. Afterwards, rather than panicking, we went on an impromptu date downtown, bought apples for apple week at Pike's Place Market and The Boy got me flowers. We also got fried clams and were almost attacked by seagulls (they are so gross). All in all, it was a good day!

Most Interesting Prego Quirk: Other pregos aren't that friendly! I was completely sure that one of the upsides of all these pregnancy classes would be meeting other people who were in the same boat. But so far, I have been totally shocked by how sour these people are. I mean, I get that no one wants to spend their Wednesday night learning about how to pick a baby doctor, but you did sign up for it. Why are they all so cranky? Where you think you are going to find a bunch of understanding, you find a lot of coldness or competitiveness ("I will be the expert of this class on baby doctors! I will get an A plus at asking questions!"). Maybe I have just been with the wrong people so far, but I have also noticed at Baby Yoga, mommas try to one up each other a little bit on the soreness. Everyone wants to be the first person ever to have a baby, and they want to have done it the best.

I Would Really Like Some: Home treats would be nice.  Also, I would like to be back inside my old self, so I can walk and lean over without the ooooph oooph noise. I mostly want to stop having to hear myself complain, because I am stuck with this whining all the time!
Bizarro Thing No One Warned me About:  After 31 straight weeks of eating everything in sight, being ready to eat again as soon as I finished the last thing, and generally just having the appetite of a grown woman and a baby elephant after a week of fasting, I suddenly just don't ever feel all that hungry. I am pretty sure that where the baby is landing just crunches up on my stomach in a way that I mostly feel full. I am sort of happy about this, because it is nice to not constantly be eating.

And The Boy?: Two baby classes left him feeling like we are way behind on the preparedness front, so he has stepped it up yet again. We added a bunch of doctor meet and greets to our schedule, so we have had lots of talk about family doctor versus pediatrician. It's kind of funny how much the decisions we make on parents are based solely on our experience as kids (so, we didn't die, so it must be fine, right?).

Looking Forward to: This week, I am looking forward to celebrating Applefest and the official start of fall in this house. Other than that, I am super excited for progress being made on the house and that's about it. We are settling into boring, and at least for now, I don't mind it. 

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