Bumpwatch Week 31

by - Sunday, September 21, 2014

How Far Along: 31 weeks!  Bumbo Baby is now the size of a pineapple, and he has taken over everything. He is basically controlling me from the inside like a puppet master. The parasite is getting too powerful! Perhaps I exaggerate, but seriously, he lets me know when he is pleased or displeased. Also, I feel like I have exploded to epic sizes now, because the Boss wants more room.
Best Moment of the Week: Doing the Walk to End Alzheimer's! We got up on Saturday and did the walk for the first time in Seattle. It went really well, though we didn't finish with the speed walkers, because I had to stop to pee multiple times. I brought the team down that way. On the other hand, the route was and mile and change up and a mile and change back, and we saw lots of people on the "have to stop to pee" end of the crowd just give up and turn to go the other direction as they saw the crowd moving that way. I finished that whole thing! It was a fun thing to do, and I am glad I can still get my 10,000 steps a day, even if my "pelvic floor" (yes, this is a thing. And it needs to toughen up) is not crazy about it.

Also, last night, there was a giant spider in our house. I kid you not, it was the biggest one I have ever seen in the place (and we probably kill a spider a day in or around the house). I got my 7 month pregnant ass up on a chair and squished it. It's nice to be able to still do things for myself, and The Boy was super impressed. Charity Walks. Spider Murder: It's the Little Things.

Most Interesting Prego Quirk: If you go to the emergency room, they will absolutely lose their shit for you. You will be triaging before you finish signing your paperwork. Even when it is clearly not a big deal, and you can see the baby (literally at this point, they may have been concerned a small creature was going to bust out of my abdomen Alien-style), they give you oodles of attention. I can see why, but on the other hand, everything was fine, and we basically knew that when we got in there. 
A certain amount of pregnancy discourse seems to be about warnings, fear, and the awareness that things can go really really wrong. We took our first baby class yesterday, and it traumatized us. Do you know that baby's can choke on everything? And you should never feed someone under 4 a hot dog because they will choke? And you should heat up and dice their apples? Did you know that even if you do everything right they might die in their sleep anyway? I get that they have to tell you things so you can make good choices, but Baby CPR class really did crush my soul. Luckily, The Boy has better perspective than I did coming out of it, and we could bring it off the edge to a more sane place. Still, what I learned this week is that when you are dealing with a person this small and delicate, some medical professionals consider it their duty to freak out as much as possible.

I Would Really Like Some: Leonardo's bread. Also, their pizza. It's just weird to be so far from home right now.
Bizarro Thing No One Warned me About: Everyone loves talking about Braxton Hicks and contractions at this point, but no one really mentions that you have them way before you feel like anything is going on. I didn't think I was having contractions yet, but apparently I am having them like 12 minutes apart all the time, it's just that they are so wimpy I don't even feel them! So no worries, future pregos, you won't necessarily be Braxton Hicksing for weeks.

And The Boy?: As I said, he was not as traumatized by the Baby CPR class as I was. He prioritized being the best in the class, so he really rocked the CPR. Loudest one when fake calling 911, etc. He named his practice baby Dumbledore and I named my fake baby Fred. It was only later that we realized we both chose characters who died. Still, I think he is plotting his baby-proofing now.

Looking Forward to: A less eventful week, going shopping this afternoon for the picture frames for Bumbo's room, and putting up fall decorations! Also, as people start buying tickets for visits and I look at the calender, I am getting excited that he isn't too far away!

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