Bumpwatch Week 27

by - Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How Far Along: 27 weeks. This was the final hurrah of the second trimester, and to be honest, I am still loving the “honeymoon” period of the pregnancy. People keep asking me how I feel about my impending birthing decision, and right now, I feel like I have dancey company with me all the time. He feels like a sweet lovely presence, not something I am willing to bust up my lady pieces to expel. I know I will get there, but not this week.
Also, for my loyal readers (aka my family members) who are wondering why the baby shower isn’t here, it is not because I find the tactics of women’s bathrooms more interesting. Cross over day is Sunday, so the shower belongs to week 28. 

Best Moment of the Week: Being home! There have been so many great moments being with family and hearing their thoughts/ ideas/ jokes about what life will be like when the baby is here. Aubrey offered to let the baby have her blanky (better known as Danky), and I am pretty sure I have watched her murder a grown man to protect that business.

Most Interesting Prego Quirk: People (namely, older women) will let you ahead of them in lines for the bathroom. I feel like this is sweet, but also totally confounding. I mean, yes, I have to pee, but don’t you also? Aren’t you also in this line? How can we gauge who is holding it the most? On the other hand, BBG seems to have set up camp directly on my bladder, then conducts his regular dance parties, so maybe I have some sort of inappropriate panic on my face. It is kind of nice for airplanes, though my actual favorite prego accommodation is that people mostly will move out of the way for me, as I now take up the entire aisle. All of it. If I turn, the bump will whack someone in the face like a rebel backpack or especially aggressive purse.

I Would Really Like Some: I got to eat Leonardo’s twice in one day, so I can’t really say I want for anything. Clearly, between the bathroom lines and the pizza, BBG and I are spoiled. I am exceptionally excited because my Nana made her snickerdoodles, which are cinnamon sugar heaven. 

Bizarro Thing No One Warned me About:  My longtime friend Jenny took our prego pictures, and I know they will be amazing, because she just rolls that way. With the experience of engagement pictures and wedding shots behind me, I know that good photographers take more pictures than you can imagine anybody needing (my dad says a good photographer is really about being able to throw away the junk and see what’s good). I really just want a couple of pictures, but I know Jenny got us some great options and I am looking forward to seeing pictures. 

What I was not prepared for is how much pregnancy photography is about looking serene or contemplative or quietly glowy. I believe I have failed on all counts. How does one look serene? How does one not smile when they are getting their picture taken? My advice for pregos looking to have a document is to practice looking awed or peaceful in the mirror before you get there. Or I guess you could just be truly relaxed and peaceful, that is another way to do it. I will be practicing lovingly looking at my baby from here on out, so in every picture of the two of us together, people do not suspect I am telling him an inappropriate joke or teaching him profanities. Which is what I am planning on doing. But with a serene face, because motherhood makes you serene.

And The Boy?: He also failed at being a father model, but I think he actually enjoyed it. I have noticed he keeps mentioning his dad, and his choices, and why he thinks his dad spoiled them. I feel like this is the first step to being self-reflective about who he wants to be as a parent. Awesome. But mostly he made weird noises and intentionally stuck his nose in my belly button when he was supposed to be lovingly kissing my bump.  

Looking Forward to:  The baby shower, spending more time with my family, getting baby shoes and hats, because they are just the cutest. I am thinking about a new alternative parenting where the child only wears clothes neck up and ankle down. Everything else? Totally naked. It might ruin the carpet, but it would looking freaking adorable.

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