Bumpwatch- 26 Weeks

by - Monday, August 18, 2014

How Far Along: 26 Weeks. The baby is the size of a head of lettuce next time, I am finding a pregnancy tracker that  marks your progress in terms of desserts.  His eyes are forming, he is growing Alfeo superlashes (TM), and he seems to be on a semi-regular dancing schedule.

Best Moment of the Week: We started getting some positive feedback from people about being excited for the shower which is this coming weekend. That's good, because before I was only getting people telling me they weren't coming, which currently really upsets me more than it would usually (I am just a wimpy cookie now\). Anyway, we have been really excited to receive some of the first gifts for BBG, and we are really looking forward to seeing people from home.

Most Interesting Prego Quirk: You definitely expand and swell as you get bigger so fast, but not necessarily where you expect. All of me is starting to head outward, except for my hips, which remain the same. Now, I am no doctor, but I think in terms of an exit strategy, this might turn out to be a pretty serious problem. Hoping they get on board (and everything else takes it easy) soon.

I Would Really Like Some: I found these little lemon cupcake bites last week at a QFC that were AMAZING and I have thought about them ever since. I would send The Boy to go get some, but I can't deny this isn't a pregnancy thing, it's just a normal "I ate something yummy and now I want more" thing. I have thought about it though, since he really has had an easy run of things thus far. He has only once left the house to get me a snack, and I think that was more me enabling him than anything else.
Bizarro Thing No One Warned me About:  Your body basically feels like a cantilever, where your stomach keeps heading outward, seemingly defying gravity. No one told me that at the ends of long walks or a good workout, the place that can get the sorest is basically your underbelly, which makes sense because there isn't really anything holding it up but the balance of the rest of your body. It's just a strange feeling to even have an underbelly, but it makes it even odder that it is the area that feels it the most.

And The Boy?: We have essentially reached a standoff about the name, where we are down to 2 options one of which each of us likes better. I thought we would just wait until BBG comes to assign the name, but The Boy told me this week he thinks we will decide in the next few weeks, and we have just been waiting to see if the other person changes their mind. Deep down, I know he will win, because he takes a stand on so few things and because I would like him to feel excited about the name (plus, I still like them both, so it will be a win no matter what).

Looking Forward to: Going home this week for almost a week, our baby shower, and our wedding anniversary. I am excited to see so many of the people we love at the shower, but I also get nervous to be the center of attention, but we tried to keep it really small, so it shouldn't feel like I am being stared down by a crowd. 

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