3 Things Yesterday-The CDC, Orangeporri, and Long Walks

by - Wednesday, April 10, 2013

1. The Stanford Career Development Center- How did I not know that this is the best place on campus ever? Everyone should go to their career development center, because those people know what is up. I was shocked how much great help I got, and it gave me a whole list of to do's (in a good way) for working toward the career options that I am thinking about right now. This past week I have felt really angry and bitter, because my 27-year-old life doesn't look anything like what I expected. I put most of my eggs in the basket of this one dream, and I just don't know whether to just keep going so I didn't waste that time, or to start heading down a new path so I can still have the dream of a family and just a life. It feels a lot like I am still struggling, but mostly on my own. It was nice to go talk to someone who dealt with the options really pragmatically, and who doesn't see me as a lost cause. So now I can treat my future like a research project, so I can make an informed decision.
2. Orangeporri- The cutie obsession has continued, but now the Boy has started ripping the peels into pieces and trying to waft the scent at me. It is strange just how proud he is of this idea.
3. Long walks- It is pretty sunny and nice here lately, so we went for a long walk yesterday, and it was so nice. It's just funny how much of a positive effect sun can have!

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