5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, June 14, 2011

from www.thelifefiles.com
1. Ice T and Coco's new show- I have never hidden my love for these two people. It is a love that perhaps defies all logic, but I could not love that they have their own show any more (and they better not fall prey to the reality tv curse). I have noticed that on jezebel, a pretty famous feminist blog, seems to have a pseudo-ironic obsession with her. But like most ironic obsessions, deep down, I think it is just a sincere love. I can't rationalize it, beyond saying that I think she has the ridiculous appeal of being ridiculously sexual looking while still maintaining a quality that makes her appealing to women? I think it has to do with a total embrace of who she actually is, it doesn't come off fake at all. She doesn't come off as stupid or mean, like most people who become famous for being famous do. Not to mention that their relationship comes off as so genuine. So far the show has captured that pretty well, and you can see both parties seem genuinely invested in making each other happy. That seems like a small thing, but its huge. He treats her with love, not lust, and total respect. I love when you can actually see that affection in someone's face. The first episode almost made me teary, he was so good to her (and he admits to watching Bridezillas!). So support your Coco! I swear the more you are a feminist nerd, the more something about her will just click.
2. Putting pictures in photo albums- it's my most OCD thing, but I love having our memories captured. And its a cycle. If you treat your past like it matters now, you will be more aware of how the present will matter so much later. It just comes back to appreciating the good in life as much as we worry, mourn, etc. It makes life balanced.
3.The boy- when the dust of finals and his latest deadline settled, we actually have spent some quality time together. And its a nice reminder of how much I like him. So he definitely makes the list this week.
4. Fruit Salad- I love the freshness that comes with this time of year. We have been eating only fruit salad as snacks the last two weeks, and it makes life so happy (and healthy!).
5.Planning showers and parties- we are trying to pull a party together for my dad's future wife, and i just think it is so fun to be creative about the theme and just enjoy it!its fun to try to do something that suits her personality as well.

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