Wedding Wednesday- Ok, how exactly do we start this?

by - Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So Nick and I have started trying to pick a date, but apparently you have to sort of let the site pick the date, and to know a site, you kind of have to have an idea of what kind of wedding you want. He wants big, and slightly fancy, but I would rather it feel like a really fun family picnic.

So I am thinking somewhere that is sort of between inside and outside, like a picnic. Plus, then I can hang lot of lights everywhere, which is really all I want.

Of course, the question in all of this is exactly where do you have a reception other than a Franklin Club recpetion in Franklin. I was either thinking somewhere really outside, like two mile park, or a place like anchor village, where my friend Jenny got married two years ago.


This one is my favorite wedding picture we have seen so far. Nick likes it too, but the question now becomes how do we find somewhere where we can be inside and outside, not too fussy, while still having a place for people to go to the bathroom and that sort of thing (which I imagine is pivotal for people to have a good time). It's even harder to figure out from across the country, without much help or interest from the people who actually live in the area. If people have suggestions of how you make this work, I would definitely take them, but I still feel pretty optomistic we at least pretty much agree on the type of wedding we want.

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