Let's Keep Track of our Outside Time

by - Wednesday, September 23, 2020

 Finally taking big deep breaths of air outside this week! Trying to mix up our first week of everyone being online for school with SERIOUS outside time at the coast!

My strategy for this year is to try to keep this balance going. Before all this Coronaschooling, my goal for every day was 1 hour of reading, 1hour making things, and 1 hour outside (with way more on weekends). Now, there is so much screen time, that I need to revisit our priorities and focus on what he is definitely not getting from school. 

I just saw on a friend's page that 1000 Hours Outside has a cool tracking sheet for hours outside. I have always just kind of kept track of hitting a daily/weekend mark, but I think once we are back, I am going to print that out and use it!

You can find their print out outdoor time tracker here

Outside time is so stinking important, because we need everyone to love the environment, so they want to take care of it. We fight for the things we love, and we have a big fight ahead of us. That goes for our kids, but it goes for us too! I never would have identified myself as outdoorsy- I am not a huge hiker or camper, but I love a good walk, anything with water, making art outside, and gardening! Now I love it, and I know it makes me a way better, more patient parent.

I have a whole post with tons of ideas on how to do outside time that you can check out right here. It can look different for every kid and every day, but it's never been more important to be intentional and get outside!

What is your favorite way to do outside time with kids? Who wants to do the tracker with me?

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