The Five Best Etsy Stores for Embroidery Art

by - Monday, September 09, 2019

We can minimize our fossil fuel use and support makers near us by buying more from local makers (and a lot less from big stores). I want to keep highlighting amazing makers in the US, and I feel like my Etsy links can get caught in the more mainstream shuffle. So let's look at some of the best stuff together. 

This one is less about the things we need and more about the things that can make our spaces beautiful and meaningful to us. Since working at an art database a few years back, I have been obsessed with fine art embroidery. It is such an interesting art form, thoughtful and delicate but it can pack serious punch too!

I think it is so important to have art and meaningful objects in our home. It's what makes it feel like home! These sorts of objects vary from person to person, but

Lucky for those of us that can't afford most work in art galleries, there are tons of amazing embroidery artists selling their work on Etsy. It was SO HARD to narrow these down, but here are 5 of my favorites.

The Five Best Etsy Stores for Embroidery Art

Lemon Made Shop

Lemon Made Shop from Austin sells just the epitome of sweet and lovely embroidery designs, from floral state silhouettes to otters to inspirational sayings. Looks perfect for a super feminine space with a bit of quirk.

The Five Best Etsy Stores for Embroidery Art


Have you seen these sonogram embroidery pieces? I think they would be a ridiculously cool baby shower present; the moment you are waiting in expectation for that person is so short. My feeling about sonograms is that they all look a bit the same (no offense, I am sure your baby is beautiful. But if you put my kids' in front of me and asked me to say which was which... I don't think I could). But the sweetness and delicacy of these still remind me of the preciousness of that time. She does pretty cool initial ones too.

The Five Best Etsy Stores for Embroidery Art


I think this St. Louis-based shop has a pretty unique balance of hilarious and sentimental. They have some funny quote ones (so much Michael Scott embroidery to love) but they also have personalized embroidery like these beautiful hoops with bridal bouquets on them. What a cool idea!

The Five Best Etsy Stores for Embroidery Art

And now for something completely different, this gem of a store based in Oregon makes embroidery based on Pokemon characters. Don't we live in a wonderful world? Filled with embroidery pikachus? Someone needs one of these, and this is where you find it.

The Five Best Etsy Stores for Embroidery Art


What I love most about this shop is that you can buy the finished project OR you can get a kit or PDF to make it yourself. I love that these could be a great starting place for your own hobby. On the other hand, if you just need to dissuade people from using coke in your bathroom, you can just buy it and hang it!

Not enough embroidery goodness? Check out these gems from CozyJoyDecorBeksStitchesovobloomGalStudioShop, and BreezebotPunch.

You can also do your own embroidery with patterns like DiYOrder and floralsandfloss.

The Five Best Etsy Stores for Embroidery Art

Have a favorite etsy shop that didn't make the list? Point me there! Want even more eco-friendly and local shopping inspiration? Check out my Giant List of Ethical and Eco-Friendly Shopping Lists

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