4 Simple Actions to Take to Help the Planet this Summer

by - Sunday, June 16, 2019

4 Simple Actions to Take to Help the Planet Starting with Your Closet

We all know that our planet desperately needs our help, but it can be so overwhelming to know where to start. Luckily, there are opportunities all over the place- groups in the thick of this fight need your support, your signature, and even your participation!

So excited about the finds for this week. Let us know what you are up to so we can support you!

1. Resolve to have a Slow Fashion Season (and Buy No New Clothes this Summer)

This Friday, over 11,000 people are putting a freeze on buying clothes for 3 months. Last year, CollAction has a slow fashion summer, where 2,000+ people didn't buy any new clothes for 3 months. This year that number has exploded, and you have until June 21st to get in and help. This is just what we mean by collective action. Having a no shop summer by ourselves still has an impact, but multiplying it by 11 thousand other people starts to send a tangible message to stores.

I am totally doing this. Do it with me.

According to their outline, you can still buy secondhand or do swaps with friends. But no new clothes until summer is over. Their goal was 10 thousand people. Let's help them get to 15k by Friday. The more of us participate, the more impact this has on the market that wants our business.

2. Get Involved at the Stop Plastic-Take Action! Group on Facebook 

If you are looking for simple actions to take on a regular basis, I think this facebook group could be the perfect spot. People post lots of petitions to sign and ideas for getting involved, but at least from what I can see, it doesn't look overwhelming or overbearing.

If you have been trying to figure out how the heck to track down things that you can do quickly, this is the spot to get started.

3. Tweet for a Climate Debate

As of right now, the DNC has decided to not hold a Primary Debate about the Climate Crisis. Considering the spot we are in, that is pretty bonkers. Just because they are afraid to lose fossil fuel money doesn't mean that the rest of us have to be scared.

Greenpeace is encouraging those of us who care about the environment to tweet NBC, MSNBC, and Telemundo to ask for climate questions in the debates. It takes a minute, but with all of our help, we could send a pretty strong message that the environment cannot be ignored.

If you do it, be sure to use this hashtag- #climatedebate2020 in your tweets!

I have never done the twitter thing, but I am planning on getting to it this week. It is such a fast way to reach businesses and leaders, and if enough of us do it together, it can really make a difference.

4. Sign the Target Petition! 

Customers who Care began a petition a few months ago to ask Target to stop distributing plastic bags at all of their store. Target originally said a flat out no, but they have been slowly changing their tune. They told the organizers that they are rethinking their decision.

This is the perfect time to go sign, and to have everyone you know sign. This would keep millions of plastic bags out of the water, but even more importantly, this huge brand can shift norms and expectations in areas where they don't think about plastic waste at all.

Check out the petition here. Sign it. Share it. It will take less time than reading this blog did.

4 Simple Actions to Take to Help the Planet this Summer

What are you doing to help the environment this week?

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