Unique and Eco-Friendly Tin Gifts for your Tenth Anniversary

by - Saturday, February 23, 2019

Unique and Eco-Friendly Tin Gifts for your Tenth Anniversary
from TheLonelyHeartCo

You made it a whole decade!!! You are kicking long term commitment butt! 10 years is a long time, and clearly it's time to celebrate. That said, depending on your partner, ten year can be an awfully large amount of stuff to accrue as well.

Experience Tin Gifts

Cookie Tin Day. Buy a pile of vintage cookie tins (there are about 2,000 of them on Ebay, for like 10 bucks a piece). Surprise your partner with a day together making tons of cookies. Have it be really fun and just about the two of you. Then, wrap up the cookies and mail them to every member of your wedding party in cookie tins. Send one to your officient or to someone who made a huge impression at your wedding. Do what makes it meaningful to you, and just have fun with it!

Go Skydiving. Ok! Not related to tin in any direct way, but my best suggestion is to take a big leap. Studies show that having new and exciting experiences is one of the best ways to keep the romance alive. Sounds like a tenth anniversary to me! Compare bucket lists and do something a little bit crazy. Surprise yourself, surprise each other. Get a burst of renewed energy to power you into your second decade.

Romantic Tin Gifts

Candles. If your partner is a candle person, you can find soy-based candles (much better for you and the environment than petroleum based) that come in cute little tin cases. I love these ones from PurePalette, and I just discovered these soy tea light candles from NewMoonBeginnings. Relaxing and potentially romantic?

Romantic Lighting. Tin is still used for quite a bit of lighting. You could get something special, but still practical, like this lamp from NanandPopsAttic. Or, you could go big and add a really romantic lighting to your space with tin star lights like these ones from LUPESGALLERY. These lights look so special to me, and it might be a nice way to mark your own spaces as just a little bit magical (without being too childish).

Sentimental Tin Gifts

Tin Can Lanterns. If you want to make something, you could try making perforated tin lanterns. You can even just make them out of tin cans! These little perforated lanterns create really magical light, and could be a really special way to decorate any outdoor space you have.

from Tinworks

A Tree Topper. If you celebrate Christmas, but you have never really landed on a tree topper you love, I can see these tin toppers from Tinworks being really special. Like an heirloom for grandkids to love and associate with you. And they have lots of neat tin items if you are just looking for somewhere to start. You can find lots of Christmas ornaments made out of recycled tin like these from PearTreeArt.

Tin Gifts for your Home

from GneissSpice
Spice Tins. You have been married for ten years! No denying it, you are an adult. So, instead of having a raggedy cupboard of plastic McCormick bottles, switch to these metal spice tins that you can even put on your fridge! You can get your spices in bulk and cut way down on the plastic in your life. I love these ones from GneissSpice, but you could also try these ones from dellcovespices.

House Numbers. This may seem cheesy, but maybe your house is ready for a refresh, and the details can make a big difference! I had no idea, but you can find so many great-looking and American-made house numbers if you stay out of Home Depot. If I could do it again, I would get my house numbers from TrueNorthHome or the recycled numbers from Modern House Numbers. Check out these ones from Up North SignsDropMetal. Montague Metal, or Whitehall.

from TamiandDani
Bread Box. I feel like my parents had bread boxes in their kitchens, but that our generation doesn't really use them. You could potentially cut down on your plastic use, start buying paper-wrapped bread, and putting them in a beautiful bread box like this one from TamiandDani.

from HouseofCrazi
Wall Decor- There is a lot of cool wall art out there that is made of tin (doubly cool when they make it with recycled tin). My favorite are vintage bobeches, which you can find all over Etsy on vintage stores like BeadGarden5 (and look like they would be so pretty in an industrial, vintage, or rustic home).They are meant for Christmas tree lights (you can see it on Quantities of Quaint), but you could arrange them on the wall for a beautiful look as well. I also love these metal letters from HouseofCraziRustaroundtheedges makes pretty cursive signs out of tin.

from creationsbyingrid1
If you want something more sentimental, these personalized family trees from creationsbyingrid1 are very sweet. It might be the perfect gift for the softy you love.

A Tin Ceiling or Backsplash- I think these are the coolest, and they might be just the kind of thing you would like in your space, but you never actually went for it. Now's the time! Spice it up. Skip traditional, buy this as a gift, and then work together to put it up.

Practical Tin Gifts

Baking Tins. Maybe it is time to replace cupcake tins or bread tins that have had a ton of use in the course of your years. Most aren't made of tin anymore (though you can find antique ones that are), but buying metal tins and pans could be a practical gift that still nods to the history you already have. My favorite pans are from USA Pan, though they do have some chemicals people don't approve of. You could also do cookie cutters if you think your partner would find that fun!

from Plastic Free Zone
Soap Tins. So, you have finally broken up with liquid soap? AWESOME! It's better for your life and the environment. But, traveling with bar soap can be a real pain in the butt. These soap tins from PlasticFreeZone are a great solution if you want to travel with your bar soap without risking sticky mess.

Kitchen tools. Back in the old days, kitchen tools like spatulas and whisks were made out of tin. You can skip the actual tin but connect to that history by buying some refreshed metal kitchen tools.

Camping Tin Cups. If you are a couple of campers, one of the sweetest (but also practical) gifts I have found is tin coffee mugs. These look like coffee out in the woods, and they are practical enough to last you many, many years. Some are actually enamelware, but they are in the spirit of these old metal cups.

Lunch Boxes. There are 10 THOUSAND secondhand metal lunchboxes on Ebay alone. A vintage lunch box is waiting to hold your lunch or other things. At my house, it holds my make up. Lots of practical uses.

Tin Jewelry Gifts

from Eternalprints

from TinBoxDesigns

from CellarDoorShoppe
from christineterrell
from TinForTen
from busybeeschickadeez
from TheMadCutter

Happy anniversary, lovebirds! Way to make it to ten years- on to twenty!

Unique and Eco-Friendly Tin Gifts for your Tenth Anniversary

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