Vegetarian Garlic Recipes that Even Meat Eaters will Love

by - Monday, January 28, 2019

What's the easiest switch you can make for the environment? Eat less meat!

On Mondays, we are exploring vegetarian meals for meat eaters. Cooking with seasonal vegetables can seem really limiting at first, but the possibilities are endless. And it is worth it. Just cutting one day of meat eating out of our diet can keep thousands of tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere a year. No seriously, it's that big a deal. Plus, it's a great opportunity to have some new adventures and try new things. Just another way to take care of the planet AND make life a little bit better!

Garlic is one of my favorite foods. It makes so many things better. And unlike so many delicious things, it is also really good for you! Why can't sugar work the same way as garlic? Everybody be like garlic! 

Garlic mostly doesn't stand on its own (I would be happy if it did, but the rules are the rules), but you can certainly eat in a way that totally celebrates garlic. So here are some garlic recipes that I can't wait to try:

mushroom garlic and barley stew

This mushroom, garlic, and barley stew from Rabbit and Wolves looks so warm and cozy for the winter, so it might be perfect this week in a cold front. I am still not a huge mushroom fan, but I will happily admit that garlic and mushrooms go so well together. 

lemon garlic orzo

More my speed is this lemon garlic orzo from Mommy Cooking. Doesn't this look so freaking good? I love how many veggies are stuffed into this, and it looks like the kind of recipe you can keep fiddling with to make it perfectly your taste as well. 

garlic and parmesan knots

You can't talk about garlic without noting just how well it goes with bread. I am totally lusting over these garlic parmesan knots from Blissful Babies. Maybe with a delicious tomato soup for a warm winter dinner? 

garlic white bean pasta

The other perfect complement to garlic? Pasta! I love this one from My Quiet Kitchen, because she uses a white bean puree as the pasta sauce instead of cream. I am so curious how that works, but it seems pretty genius (and healthy!) to me. I am dreaming of this one with big chunks of roasted garlic thrown in. 

garlic and kale vegetarian gnocchi

My other favorite pasta recipe is this kale and garlic gnocchi from A Virtual Vegan. Garlic also goes so great with greens, because garlic is the ultimate food and makes nearly everything better. I think this one feels like a fun one, and might be really fun to make with kids? 

garlic white bean soup

I also think this simple white bean soup with garlic from Veggie and the Beast would just be so delicious for the winter too. 28 days into whole 30, I am actually pining for beans right now! So crazy! But this looks like the kind of treat you could make really garlicky and just pine for. 

garlic mac n cheese

My last favorite idea is to make homemade mac n cheese with lots of spices and garlic. I didn't have homemade mac n cheese much as a kid, but one of our friends makes his own mac n cheese, and I now understand the true power of cheese coated macaroni. So I am totally going to try this roasted garlic mac and cheese from Just a Taste. Maybe not our healthiest meal, but no one will notice meat is missing!

What is your favorite way to use garlic in your vegetarian meals? 

Vegetarian Garlic Recipes that Even Meat Eaters will Love

Want more vegetarian recipes to try? Awesome! Adding more meatless meals to your diet is such a fun challenge and you can discover so many things you like. Check out this page for all of the Meatless Monday Recipe Round Ups!

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