What are your Favorite Pictures of 2018?

by - Friday, December 21, 2018

pick your favorite pictures of 2018

It's the end of the year! It's time to reflect and get inspired. Let's collect moments, not things. And let's reflect on and curate that collection, because it can be so inspiring.

One really fun way to do that? Pick your ten favorite pictures from the year! Maybe you love them because they are beautiful. Maybe you love them because that moment meant so much to you. Maybe you love them because you finally took a good picture with your phone.

The point is to go and make a list. Surprise yourself with how many truly great pictures you took this year. Notice all the patterns that arise- the places that inspire you, the faces you cannot get enough of, the selfie poses that are really working for you. Make a little folder of what you love.

Our gratitude and our inspiration are closely and intimately linked. Rather than going into next year kicking yourself for what you didn't do, take a minute and love what you did do! Because you are what you do, what you make, who you love. Nothing you can buy in the store. This reflection is inspiring as you go into the next year, so you can be inspired to have more adventures (big and small) and to appreciate those moments as you collect them. 

Ok, so go pick your ten favorite pictures. I will share mine, but you go pick yours (and show me! I would love it!). 

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