The Five Best Etsy Stores for Baby Clothes

by - Wednesday, October 17, 2018

We can minimize our fossil fuel use and support makers near us by buying more from local makers (and a lot less from big stores). I want to keep highlighting amazing makers in the US, and I feel like my Etsy links can get caught in the more mainstream shuffle. So let's look at some of the best stuff together. 

I had so much fun dressing my babies, and one of the biggest lessons I learned is that you should mostly buy things used. Because any clothes you buy are mostly going to be damp with unspeakable things. So my advice? 95% secondhand cloths, with a couple of pieces you really love to mix in. For me, that means Etsy, because then I know they are ethically-made too. Here are some of the best stores I have shopped along the way:

from henryandetta

 1. henryandetta repurposes old fabrics into bright mod baby outfits. I love their t-shirts and rompers, and they have a real eye for putting fun fabrics together. Perfect if you are trying to live zero-waste, because you are saving something from the landfill AND getting a cute new thing!
from 2SweetCheeks
2. 2SweetCheeks makes minimalist outfits for babies. You know when you see kids wearing really simple but cool clothes, and you wonder where the heck their parents find that stuff? It's here.

from Willow Co Designs
3. Willow Co Design makes really smart organic onesies and t-shirts for babies and toddlers. I love the sayings they pick, and they print on royal apparel t-shirts (which are made in the US). Perfect for a gift for the green baby you know.

from AnchoreDeep
4. AnchoreDeep has a huge selection of sweet baby basics that are stylish without being saccharine. They also have over a thousand positive reviews, so you know they know what they are doing.

from LittleBeansBabyShop

5. Little Beans Baby Shop specializes in coming home outfits. They are so dang cute, and we got our second bub an outfit from them. I especially love their unique prints!

Here are more places to look- HenHouseApparel, garbella, TheBeeandTheFox, Nooches, babysproutsco, and kutikati.

the five best etsy stores for baby clothes

the five best etsy stores for baby clothes

Have a favorite etsy baby shop that didn't make the list? Point me there! Want even more eco-friendly and local shopping inspiration? Check out my Giant List of Ethical and Eco-Friendly Shopping Lists

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