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by - Friday, October 05, 2018

Made in the USA Fashion for Women

Early on in my green shopping days, I stumbled on A Continuous Lean and its incredibly great American List. I have used it many a time to find gift ideas, especially for my husband, or as starting points for some of my blogs. It is truly a great resource. The problem is that if the list had an aesthetic, it would look something like this:

from mattsko- lumberjack with so many feelings
It is butch. Really butch. A hipster lumberjack carrying his lumber in a Topos bag butch. That can be cool for lots of people (including women), but I find a lot of great American companies geared toward women don't make the cut and that many of his suggestions are solely for men's products. American-made can be associated with this sort of "authenticity" that gets lumped together with being a man's man, but actually more and more products geared toward women (and femme men, and gender queer people, and all of us who don't chop logs for a living) are out there, and they deserve their own voice and attention.

If you might be interested in bicycles or cycling gear or something else you don't see here, please check out A Continuous Lean's list. I don't mean to negate that list at all (or to suggest only manly men bicycle), only to supplement it with things I miss when I try to use it. If you don't find what you care about here, check on the Continuous Lean List.

So my idea is to do a companion list to the American List geared for people who aren't about to take their beard out on a hike. A few thoughts before we jump in:

1. If you are trying to live a more green lifestyle, no matter who you are, the best choice is to buy it used or do without. For jewelry, purses, and so many other items, you can always find a better-made option in consignment or vintage shops. Start there, always.

2. Many of these companies' products are made in the US, but they have exceptions. Eva Franco makes about 98% of the dresses and tops in Los Angeles, but their new coat is imported. New Balance manufactures some athletic shoes in the States and some abroad. Check first.

3. There is a wide range of price points here, so don't get discouraged. Look at a bunch of options before you decide the list isn't for you. You might be surprised.

4. Just because it is made in America does not mean it is ethical. American workers can also be grossly underpaid and mistreated. So take everything with a grain of salt here. 

This blog does use affiliate links to Amazon and Etsy, but once you are done browsing we highly recommend that you buy what you can as local to you as possible. Buying from local businesses feeds your community, instead of the Walmart of the Internet. 


69- Unisex Separates
7 for All Mankind- Denim
1888 Mills- Towels


AG Jeans- Denim
AideMemoire- Jewelry
Alabama Chanin- Dresses, Separates
Alala- Leggings
AlexsMisfitToys- Earrings and Pins
Artifact Bag Co- Totes, Pouches, Cross Body Purses
Artifact Uprising- Phot Books, Prints, Gifts
American Apparel- T-shirts, Dresses, Leggings, Basics
American Giant- Sweatshirts and Pants, T-shirts
Americanmade Supply Co- T-shirts and Sweatshirts
Amour Vert- Eco-Friendly Fashion and Shoes
Astis- Mittens
AU Bags- Purses, Totes, Work Bags
AwlSnap- Backpacks


Baggu- Handbags and Totes
Baldwin Denim- Knitwear, Outerwear, Denim
Bedhead (USA)- Pajamas
Bella Materna (USA)- Nursing Bras and Pajamas
Between the Sheets (USA)- Underwear and Lingerie
Birdwell Beach Britches- Surfing Shorts
Black Halo- Cocktail, Evening Dresses
blackbirdsupply- Printed T-shirts
Blue Canoe (USA, EF)-Fair Trade and Made in the US Clothing
boejackdesigns- Handbags
Brynn Capella- Handbags
Byr Clogs- Shoes
BZR Shop- Tights


Capital Eyewear- Eyewear, Glasses
Cass Luxury Shapewear (USA)-
Charles Henry- Dresses (can find at Nordstrom)
Chester Wallace- Bags, Totes
Citizens of Humanity- Denim
Clare V- Leather Handbags
Cloth and Stone (USA)- Blouses
Cockpit USA- Leather Jackets
Commando (USA)- Underwear, Lingerie, Shapewear
CP Shades (USA)- Shirts


Darn Tough- Socks
Dearborn- Denim and Clothing
Deborah Marquit (USA)- Lingerie
Decomposition Books- Notebooks
Dress the Population- Cocktail, Evening Dresses
Duluth Pack- Bags


Earnest Sewn- Denim
Eileen Fisher and Eileen Fisher Encore- Clothing
Electric Yoga- Leggings, Work out Clothing
Emil Erwin- Bags, Purses
EngagedWithDiamonds- Jewelry
Equinox- Travel Gear, Shopping Bags
Ernest Alexander- Bags, Briefcases
Esther Williams Swimwear-  Retro Swimsuits
Eva Franco- Dresses


Faribault- Blanket
Farr West (USA)- Nightgown and Pajamas
Fatheadz- Sunglasses, Eyewear
Field Notes- Notebooks
Fisher Space Pen- Refillable Pen
Flynn Skye- Bohemian Clothing
Fount- Handbags and Accessories
Fox River- Socks
Frank Clegg- Purses and Bags
Free People- Clothing and Skin Care
Freeman- Rain Jackets, Outerwear
Fresh Produce*- Clothing, All Sizes
Frye- Boots and Bags


Ghurka- Bags and Purses
Gilli- Dresses and Tops (available on Amazon)
Golden State Wax Co- Candles
Good American- Denim, Sweats
Good hYOUman- Leggings
Green Dragon Clothing- Dresses, Clothing
greenphilosophie- Upcycled Clothing


Hanky Panky (USA, EF)- Underwear and Lingerie
Hardmill- Leather Goods and Bags
Harvest and Mill- Clothing, Basics
Harveys- Recycled Seatbelt Bags
Hempy's- Wallet, Hats, Socks
Holtz Leather- Handbags and Leather Accessories
Homage- T-shirts


Ilia- Cosmetics
Imogene and Willie- Denim
inblue- Handbags and Totes
IRISMINT- Knit Accessories


J Brand- Denim
Jacob Bromwell- Accessories, Kitchen Goods
Janish Jewels- Jewelry
Jean Shop New York- Denim
JenniferJonesJewelry- Upcycled Jewelry
Johnson Woolen Mills- Wool Accessories and Jackets
Joshu+Vela- Bags and Backpacks
Juniper Ridge- Soap
J W Hulme Co- Leather Goods and Bags


K Slade- Leather Handbags
Kamen Road- Handbags
Karen Kane- Clothing, Sweaters
Kiehl's- Skin Care


LAMade- Clothing, Dresses, Tops
Laura Mercier- Make Up and Skincare
Laura Tanzer- Clothing
LaurelHill- Jewelry
Lawn Chair USA- Lawn Chairs
Lazy Caturday- Clothing Shop, All Made in USA
Liberty Bottleworks- Water Bottles
LINEandBLOOM- Tops and Dresses
Lotuff- Leather Bags
Love Your Melon- Knit Hats


Mad about Mittens- Upcycled Mittens
MapleandMauve- Wooden Jewelry
Maptote- Bags and Travel Pouches
Marais - Shoes
Margaret Winters - Sweaters
McGuire (USA)- Denim
Merci-Fortune- Handbags
Mei Vintage- Handbags
Mer- Backpacks
Michael Stars- Casual Clothing and Dresses
Miracle Suit- Swimsuits
Mitscoots- Socks
Mohop (USA)- Sandals
M Rena- Leggings, Tank Tops, Clothing
Munro- Shoes *


Nadia Tarr- Clothing
Naked Princess (USA)- Lingerie
New Balance (USA)- Tennis Shoes
Newbark- Shoes
NewtonSupplyCo- Tote Bags
North Fork Apparel- T-shirts and Hoodies
NYDJ- Denim


Oliday- Handbags, Camera Bags, Backpacks
Only Hearts (USA)- Lingerie
Onzie- Leggings


Paige- Denim
The Palatines (USA)- Shoes
Pendleton- Wool Shirts and Coats *
Pink Blush- Maternity Clothes and Casual Clothes *
PortlandLeather- Bags and Accessories
Prana- Leggings*


Quoddy- Shoes


Rachel Pally- Dresses
Rafa - Shoes
Rag and Bone- Jeans, Denim
Rago (USA)- Shapewear
Raleigh's Denim Workshop- Denim
Ramblers Way- Clothing
Real Girls Lingerie (USA)- Lingerie
Reformation- Eco-Friendly Clothing and Denim
Rent the Runway- Clothing rental, secondhand
Rocknsocks- Eco-Friendly Socks
Royal Apparel- Sweatshirts and T-shirts
Ruell and Ray- Denim, Hats


SandmaidenSleepwear- Lingerie
SarahZentzJewelry- Wooden Jewelry
SAS (USA)- Shoes
Schoolhouse Electric- Housewares, Lighting
Scout Books- Notebooks
Self-Edge- Denim
Shabby Apple - Dresses
Shelby Steiner- Minimalist Clothing
Shuron- Eyewear
SimkaSol- Clothing, Leggings
SimplistiCreations- Wooden Jewelry
Sleepy Jones- Pajamas
Shoshanna- Dresses
Show me Your Mumu- Dresses, Clothing
SKindCo- Jewelry
Sleepy Mountain- Pins and Earrings
SOS Tees - Organic T-shirts
Soul Flower- Leggings
Steger Muluks- Boots and Moccasins
Sterlingwear- Coats
Steven Allen- Knits and Sportswear
Stop Staring- Vintage-Style Dresses
Superior Bound Goods- Handbags and Leather Accessories
Swan Creek Candles- Candles
SweetOliveJewelry- Jewelry
Sympatico Clothing- Hemp Blouses


Taylor Stitch- Outerwear, Shirts, Clothing
Teeki- Recycled Bottle Leggings
TeesandTankYou- Printed Shirts
Terez- Leggings
Tervis- Reudable Plastic Tumblers
TheBeeandTheFox- Tshirts
The Sly Fox- Jewelry
Theory- Clothing
This Night- Socks
Thred Up- Secondhand Clothing
Three Dots- T-shirts
Topo Designs- Backpacks, Hiking Goods, Clothing
Tough Luv- Clothing, Lingerie, and Harnesses
Tough Travelers- Bags, Suitcases and Carriers


UGG- Rubber Rain Boots
Uptown Redesign- Upcycled Handbags
Urban Decay- Make Up
Utility Canvas- Bags and Backpacks


valhallabrooklyn- Leather Handbags
Velvet by Graham and Spencer-  T-shirts, Casual Wear, Denim
The Vermont Flannel Company (USA)- Pajamas
VKecoJewelry- Jewelry


Walkover- Shoes
Wesco- Boots
Western Mountaineering- Camping Gear
WHIT- Clothing, Accessories
Wm. J Mills- Canvas Bags and Totes
Woodwear- Sustainable Sunglasses
Woolrich- Blankets



Yokoo- Knit Accessories


Zero Waste Daniel- Sweats, Recycled Fabric
Zeroll- Ice Cream Scoop
zkano- socks

I am always trying expand and perfect this list, so if you have some information that could make it better, please tell me so! I want to include as much as I can.

The Feminine American Fashion List - Made in USA Clothes and Accessories for Those of Us Who Aren't Beardy Dudes

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