Want to Try More Meatless Meals? Everybody Loves Tacos

by - Monday, August 06, 2018

What's the easiest switch you can make for the environment? Eat less meat!

Every week we are exploring vegetarian meals for meat eaters. Cooking with seasonal vegetables can seem really limiting at first, but the possibilities are endless. And it is worth it. Just cutting one day of meat eating out of our diet can keep thousands of pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere a year. No seriously, it's that big a deal. Plus, it's a great opportunity to have some new adventures and try new things. Just another way to take care of the planet AND make life a little bit better!

vegetarian and vegan tacos

7 months into writing about Meatless Monday, I have noticed just how many taco recipes are out there for vegetarians and vegans. It makes sense. Dragons love tacos, and most vegetarians are a lot like dragons! We have done plenty of mushroom tacos and black bean quesadillas at our house ever since we decided to eat more vegetarian, and it really is AWESOME. Like, so good. Failsafe vegetarian eating for beginners.

In honor of this awesome vessel for vegetarian beginners, we are just going to look at amazing taco options. I was SHOCKED how many there are, so if you want to try it, but none of my favorites click with you, confer with the pinterest gods! Something is out there for you!

Ok, let's talk tacos!
vegetarian and vegan tacos
from Soup Addict
If you have guacamole lovers, my best advice is to keep it simple like these black bean tacos from Soup Addict. Your taco can really feature the guacomole, and the beans just make for a nice hearty, earthy base. Her recipe can be the perfect inspiration for a starter.

vegetarian and vegan tacos
from Live Eat Learn
A little less basic are these cauliflower tacos from Live Eat Learn. Don't they look so good? They remind me of shrimp tacos, and the simple slaw looks delicious and easy to pull off. We are definitely trying this one. These tostadas from Foodie Crush use some similar ideas too, if you are looking for something slightly different.

vegetarian and vegan tacos
from Cooking Classy
Cooking Classy made this roasted veggies and black bean recipe especially for her meat-loving family. And they love this recipe, so you know if you are just starting to add more veggie-centered meals, this is the perfect recipe to get going.

vegetarian and vegan tacos
from Half-Baked Harvest
For us, mushroom tacos have turned out to be a real hit. I love this mushroom taco recipe from Half-Baked Harvest, because it has so many healthy and unexpected ingredients in it, but you could try something a little more typical as a variation on it too. Mushroom tacos really are pretty good.

vegetarian and vegan tacos
from Host the Toast
But there are so many great mushroom tacos out there. These mushroom carnita tacos from Host the Toast look super good, and I would never have thought of cooking them this way. But when I read the ingredient list, my mouth waters a little. This looks like a big winner to me!

vegetarian and vegan tacos
from Cooking Classy
The other veggie that spends lots of time in tacos is sweet potatoes. Honestly, sweet potatoes are generally not my thing, but they come up so often for this that I am pretty curious. This recipe from Cooking Classy looks really nutritious so I want to see how it is.

vegetarian and vegan tacos
from Fooduzi
Fooduzi says they will beat out all the other vegetarian tacos with this recipe. They literally call it the best. Time for a vegetarian taco face off!

vegetarian and vegan tacos
from Three Olives Branch
Worried your family won't see these veggie tacos as filling enough? Then clearly you need some Mexican street corn as a side! Or you could do tortilla chips and this Mexican corn salsa from Three Olives Branch. Doesn't that look so stinking good?

Ok, if you aren't dying for tacos now, you clearly have no soul! Let's all try one of these amazing recipes this week!

vegetarian and vegan tacos

Want more vegetarian recipes to try? Awesome! Adding more meatless meals to your diet is such a fun challenge and you can discover so many things you like. Check out this page for all of the Meatless Monday Recipe Round Ups!

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