Dear Poke Cafe, Enough with All the Plastic!

by - Thursday, July 19, 2018

This month, we are fighting plastic pollution by writing companies we think could be doing a lot more to help the environment. The challenge for you is to write at least 5 of these letters yourself! Tell the businesses you love to break up with plastic for good!

Dear Poke Cafe,

Your poke is delicious, and my son is obsessed with you. If he had his way, we would be eating your bowls of spicy tuna and rice every day. And I actually really like coming into your store- it is low key and the staff is always extremely helpful and friendly.

But I just can't do it, because you use way too much plastic.

We know now that plastic, especially single use plastic like you use in your store, is wreaking havoc on our world and our oceans. Single use plastics are pooling at the center of the Pacific Ocean, making a garbage patch bigger than the state of Texas. Your store uses plastic bowls, plastic straws, and more.

Fish eat that plastic. As plastic continues to be a bigger and bigger problem, less and less fish will actually be edible. You are a poke shop. In the future, wouldn't you like to continue selling fish? Who has a higher stake in getting plastic out of the ocean and fish than you? It is literally your business!

If you can run a business, you can run it ethically, and your refusal to raise your standards (even as the city around you does) will cost you business. These are simple fixes, and you can do it!

1. Get Compostable or Reusable bowls

Every bowl you use adds up. You can find compostable options easily in the city (many other restaurants already use them). Even better would be to add more reusable plates, and wash and reuse.

2. No more styrofoam cups!

When I asked for a cup of water to avoid a plastic bottle, you gave me styrofoam cups! What!?!?

Seriously, doing the right thing is so easy! Switch to paper or reusable cups, especially for water. Styrofoam has no place in restaurants.

3. Cut out all Plastic

No plastic bags or straws either. If you are still making plastic waste, you could still be doing better. 

4. Embrace Green Waste

Why don't you have a green waste garbage can? Seattle already collects green waste, so I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to help the effort to keep things that decompose out of landfills. Easy switch, and if you switch out your plastic, you could have hardly anything headed to the landfill, which is really the goal. 

Poke Cafe, you can do it! Get plastic out of your restaurant and save your future product! The fish need your help, and I need to keep buying poke, or my son will never forgive me.

If you like this post, please share it! This blog is all about making small changes. The more people who make these small shifts, the better the Earth will be!

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