Meatless Monday Green Onion Recipes

by - Monday, May 07, 2018

Every week we are exploring vegetarian meals for meat eaters. Cooking with seasonal vegetables can seem really limiting at first, but the possibilities are endless. And it is worth it. Just cutting one day of meat eating out of our diet can keep thousands of pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere a year. No seriously, it's that big a deal. Plus, it's a great opportunity to have some new adventures and try new things. Just another way to take care of the planet AND make life a little bit better!

I love green onion- so good! And it just adds a little bit on top of lots of meals. We have green onion growing in the backyard that has now made it through two winters and a toddler who likes to sit and eat it. So it is the strongest thing I know.

When I told The Boy the theme, he laughed! He's right- not many recipes really feature green onion. I think the secret is to just put them on everything. I tried my best to find recipes where this poor garnish gets to be the star!
from Muy Bueno
Most importantly, let's point out that The Boy is wrong and green onions CAN be their own dish! Check out these Cebolitas Asadas from Muy Bueno. I have never thought to do this, but I seriously want to try this right now!

Not enough? Check out this recipe for green onion fries from Scarletta Bakes! She says they are life-changing, so try this f you are looking for a transformation.

from Will Cook for Smiles
I have been trying to think of a cool waffle recipe out of the norm, and these savory waffled with green onion from Will Cook For Smiles look pretty genius. Maybe fun for brunch?

from Vanilla and Bean
When you think green onion, you have to think Thai. This thai fried rice from Vanilla and Bean looks simple and fun!I loved reading about their efforts to find the perfect umami element as well.  

from Dimsumptuous
These green onion buns from Dimsumptuous also look delicious and a perfect addition to lots of meals. I am thinking a delicious soup with these? Not usually a dim sum gal, but these look hard to resist. If you are more into Chinese Scallion pancakes (or want to try them, check out this recipe.

from The Complete Savorist

If you are looking for an Asian-style slaw, this one from The Complete Savorist looks so colorful and delicious! I would totally eat that!

from Taste and See
I LOVE are German potato salad, and they do often really highlight that fresh green onion flavor. A lot of those recipes feature bacon too, but you could just skip it. This one from Taste and See looks warm and delicious. Perfect for spring?

from With Food and Love
My last favorite are these roasted red curry green onions with polenta from With Food and Love. What a cool idea and a totally vegan meal.

Want more vegetarian recipes to try? Awesome! Adding more meatless meals to your diet is such a fun challenge and you can discover so many things you like. Check out this page for all of the Meatless Monday Recipe Round Ups!

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