Don't Buy Monogrammed Napkins, Instead Try...

by - Wednesday, April 11, 2018

cheesy monogrammed wedding napkin
from and because Sarah and John are jerks who spoiled the ending of this party. Seriously, this napkin would be consumed in the same room as the cake, right? Couldn't you just look at the actual cake? 

We remember every wedding we go to for different things. Melissa and Alan had such a cool cake and the most beautiful and original cake topper. Amanda and Brandon's was pretty in every detail, and her grandpa was an unruly hoot. Bry and Thomas's had the most spectacular seating chart in the history of time.

But we all know, when it comes down to it, that the make it or break it for every wedding is the napkins.

Amiright? Napkins, man. That's the big show. You can really see the love and commitment of the couple in the napkins they choose.

Ok, so not true.

No one, in the history of this green Earth, has ever remembered an event for it's napkins.

So why do so many fiances get suckered into the "fred and ginger- June 8th, 2002" napkins? They aren't fun. They aren't memorable. They have absolutely no bearing on anyone's good time. No one's night has ever been made or ruined by whether a napkin is properly monogrammed.

You want to know how forgettable the wedding napkin is? I am worried this might offend a friend, but I have no idea which one, because I have absolutely no memory of any of your napkins. And we both know I am the kind of person who would remember if there was something to remember. I loved your wedding, dear friend, but your napkin did not stick.

Also, why do I need a reminder of who's wedding I'm at on my cocktail napkin? If I drank enough to forget, I think we can safely assume I am not looking for reading material either.

So, why do it?
cheesy wedding napkin
here's to you, Jennie and Phil. Happy anniversary. All you need is love and to finally use up these napkins. 

One, because people have been buying these napkins for a while now, so it just feels like something you do.

Two, because it feels on theme and personal, even if it actually mostly isn't. If your guest has made it through your ceremony and on to the reception, we can safely assume they know your name and the date.

Last because it isn't all that expensive. On the Knot store (pretty mainstream), 100 cocktail napkins is about 16 dollars. Not much, until you consider it is a fancy pile of nothing.

Even worse, this classy looking instagarbage is nearly never made on recycled paper .  Meaning a tree came down so you could remind people of the party they are already at (I found one etsy store- littlechicklets which has both hilarious and recycled napkins- 14 dollars for 50, so steeper). Your wedding is supposed to be a beautiful day where you, as a new committed unit, step into the future. Wouldn't you like the air to be clean when you get there?

Buying a simple 200 pack of recycled and made in America Susty Party cocktail napkins is 8 bucks.

So, if you get  200 napkins, you save like 25 bucks. If you get 400, you save 50.

Now, I know, when you are shelling out for a wedding, this isn't exactly a game changer. But I say buy the plain napkins and put that money toward one of these instead:

Just go out to dinner.
Doesn't have to be fancy and expensive. Go sit at a restaurant and plot which friends you want to get together at the wedding or which family members should be on opposite sides of the room.
wedding reception dramatic white lighting

Get more lights. Buy a few more strands of white lights or a spotlight or something. Napkins don't have impact, but good lighting transforms any space from the mundane to really special. They don't have to be expensive to make the space feel expensive. Skip the napkins, buy more lights.

plantable wedding confetti
from KaBloomz
Buy plantable confetti. Turn your one nature-loving gesture into two, and use that money for your send-off. These confetti papers have wildflower seeds inside, so you are planting and celebrating. Instead of bubbles or sparklers, use this confetti to make the world a little more beautiful. Obviously, depends on where you are getting hitched, but you could even offer it as a favor or decoration too. They are pretty cool.

Put it toward something actually personal- Make a cool photo wall or a guest book with pictures of you over the year. Splurge on that thing on Etsy that seems a little over the top, but it makes you happy every time. Make it something about who you actually are as a couple, not just that your name contains letters. Sorry friend, that is true for everyone.

Buy eco-friendly wood cutlery or paper straws- Those straws are so cute (tranquilo's are about 9 dollars for 100), and anything that isn't plastic at your wedding will lessen its environmental impact. Check out my list of all of the party disposables done right, and you can put green savings somewhere toward a more positive impact elsewhere.

Save it- You can always use that money later for something other than your wedding. With interest, it might be 26 bucks!

monogrammed napkins

The options are probably not endless, but that money has to have better uses in its future. If you want more wedding inspiration, check out the page with all of the Green Wedding and Anniversaries ideas!

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  1. This blog post made me smirk because I totally didn't have napkins at my wedding!It was just one of those "seriously people buy these" things I just couldn't do! So much better uses for the money

  2. What a cool idea. my wife loves this kind of stuff! Definitely passing it on

  3. I love your ideas. My favorite is the plantable confetti. I always thought monogrammed napkins were rather silly.

    1. Isn't that cool? I feel like plantable confetti would be really memorable.

  4. Gosh monogrammed anything seems a little OTT to me. We attended a wedding one and the bride had the toilet lids monogrammed AND the back of the toilet door. So basically you could not escape them

  5. Oh wow had no idea people could do that to napkins! The food/cake, dress and favours are most remembered in South asian weddings!

  6. I know a lot of people do that with napkins but for me that would be too much. Great ideas here.

  7. What the what? Plantable confetti?! I am in.

  8. I love love the confetti with seeds in it. I’m going to do this next party!!



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