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by - Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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The average American household has 300,000 items in it. This is pretty hard to believe, until we start thinking about things like books and DVDs. I am trying to give away 2,018 objects in 2018, and this might seem like a big number, but just by rehoming a bunch of our dvd collection, a lot of us could hit this number!

Donating DVDs can help someone, give your house a little more space, and cut down on the DVDs (and their cases) in landfills. You also may not have guessed, but donating DVD's gives you a real chance to be patriotic, offering your old movies to veterans and current servicemen both. So you could keep that copy of Lethal Weapon that you might watch later maybe, or you could send it off to entertain

Check Buy Nothing- We got rid of DVD sets where we had doubles easily and quickly on Buy Nothing. It's kind of fun to see who will get them and you can be sure the dvds will get use.

Give them to the Troops- You can tell this is a real need, because you can find multiple charities that send DVDs to our military on active duty. One site reminds us hat watching a movie can be the only break in their day and helps keep morale up. If you have the kind of film library a young soldier might like, check out Operation Showtime and DVDs to the Troops.

Give them to Veterans- DVDs 4 Vets collects dvds (and portable dvd players, since many vets are not very mobile) for US veterans. By 2012, they had donated 500,000 dvds. That's huge for reuse and pretty amazing. They will take larger collections of dvds, and they recommend checking with your nearby VA to gift them there as well (the website can help you find the nearest spot to donate). Such a cool, small way to say thank you to our vets.

Donate to Libraries- Some libraries also lend out DVDs, and they could use the ones you have. Check in with your local librarians and see if they are interested in what you have.

Donate to Children's Hospitals- If you have lots of kids movies that you have grown out of consider donating them to your nearby childrens hospital or to Kids Flicks, which distributes dvds to kids with long stays in the hospital. Our longest stay with The Bub has been 1 day, and even while sick he got bored and antsy. That has to be the hardest part of having a little one in the hospital, so I can't think of a more worthy way to cut some clutter out of your house.

It's time. We both know you have DVD's you are never going to watch. Time to put them to a better use than dust holder.

The Great Donate 2018 is on! Can you donate, gift, or recycle 2,018 items out of your house this year? The average American household has 300,000 items in it- who needs that much? No one, but there are lots of people who could use what you have sitting collecting dust.

Check out the Great Donate main page for more suggestions on what to donate and where. You will save money (by knowing what you actually have), free up space, and save so much from going into a landfill.

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