Unique and Eco-Friendly Pottery Gifts for your Ninth Anniversary

by - Thursday, March 01, 2018

fiesta heart-shaped plate
from Fiesta
Happy 9th anniversary! You have almost made it to the big double digits! That is impressive.

So, of course, you want to celebrate right?

In our house, we love to follow a "traditional" gift list. It makes each holiday a fun challenge, and we really think about our gifts. I believe deeply in thoughtful gifting. Too often, we rush to check a box, and we end up buying a lot of junk instead of one good thing.

This does more than keeping our house from constantly being overloaded with unnecessary junk (though that part sure is nice). It also is so much better for the environment. If you have had 9 great years together, no doubt you want many more. To enjoy our future, we have to take better care of it.

We can (and need to) do this so many ways, but one of the most important is to transform the way we shop. Our earth is being strangled by waste and plastic, and it is being warmed and moved toward disaster because we are overusing fossil fuels. Lucky for all of us, we can do something about it:

Buy Less- One great gift. Not 4 ehhh gifts. Start here and change your home and your life.

Buy Experiences- Instead of buying an object at all, consider getting an experience gift.

Buy Secondhand- Our world is overwhelmed with stuff already, so if you reuse something, you cut way down on waste.

Buy Locally- The shorter your gift travels, the less fossil fuels they use. And you help local business.

So, our approach to gifting can help save the world. How cool is that? And this is a great anniversary to do it, because tons of ceramic items can be found secondhand OR made in America. So let's find gifts worth remembering for an Earth worth saving:

I am going to start with a controversial opinion- no mugs, friend.

Mugs are not sexy or useful because you already have plenty. Hard pass. Does anyone in the world really not have enough mugs? If so, your neighborhood thrift store has so so many. The world is already filled with mugs nobody is using. If you are really dying for a mug, skip the cutesy one that will seem lame in a year or two (you know it will- well, maybe not this one), and get something simple like this. But seriously, you don't have to go out of your way in life to have plenty of mugs.

Experience Pottery Gifts

ghost pottery scene

Recreate Ghost- Hit up the pottery wheel and some sexy music (throw in some Whoopi Goldberg)and see what happens. Ok, we all knew this suggestion was coming, but it could potentially be fun if you know any pottery studios nearby!

Go Pottery Painting- Perhaps a little more G-rated, but pottery painting studios have become pretty common in urban areas. We used to go on dates as college students, and it honestly was super fun. We still keep our toothbrushes in a holder we made there.

This might be the perfect gift for  partner who loves being creative but barely gets a chance. It could also be fun for parents if they wanted to do something all together. You could pick something out, decorate it as a couple, and use it for the rest of your life. Pretty cool!

greek pottery date

Visit an Art or Arts and Craft Museum- Pottery and ceramics have a beautiful history, and no matter what museums are near you, you can probably find some pottery, ceramics, and sculpture there. I especially love Greek pottery, with bonus points for totally out there or sexual content. Those Greeks knew how to nail a story visually. Even if that isn't a big part of the collections near you, I guarantee art spaces near you will have thought-provoking pieces worth talking about with your partner.

Romantic Pottery Gifts

This is the toughest one. Ceramics are smooth and hard, so they look pretty, but they don't necessarily scream romance.

A Cake Stand or Platter- I can imagine getting a cake stand or a platter (depending on what you need) and making it a vessel for a really romantic meal or dessert that you made. I think the gesture of making paired with a special object for future celebrations might be really sweet and romantic.

A little later in this, I list a BUNCH of eco-friendly and made in America brands of dinnerware. Most of these brand also have things like platters or stands, so my first advice is to start there. You can also find tons of these things in antique and secondhand stores, so consider checking your local stores too. But there are also plenty on Etsy, so I will list a few of those.

blanc pottery cake stand
from BlancPottery
For cake stands, I really like these modern ones from BlancPottery, but I also think an antique or vintage one in white looks really timeless. You can also check out SevaCeramics, AbigailTonksPottery, and paulova.

made in usa platter
from BeckerArtStudio
For platters and trays, it doesn't get much better than this one from BeckerArtStudio- so pretty! I also like these ones from Prima PotteryFringeandFettle, LaureneAshleyStudio, and Handmade from Clay.

Mood-Setting Lights- Before writing this, I wouldn't have thought about lights being romantic, but these ceramic lights from lighttexture look so sensual and smooth and pretty. Perfect for a bedroom, but these are expensive, so it would have to be a HUGE joint gift.

Sentimental Pottery Gifts

simple minimalist cookie jar
from brentsmithpottery
Cookie Jar- A cookie jar seems like a silly thing, but can you remember the cookie jar you had in your house as a kid? I can! Weirdly, it mostly had candy in it. Looking for a cookie jar you (or your kids if you have them) might remember 20+ years from now would be a pretty special gift.

And you can definitely find one that fits your style (or your sense of humor) and is eco-friendly, because there are thousands of used cookie jars in the world. Seriously, so many. There are 13,000 cookie jars on Ebay (though there are some disgustingly racist ones- some things it's ok just to smash). Cookie jars I found on a quick sweep- a space ship, a kitten, lighthouses, gumball machines, Snoopy, dinosaurs.

Etsy has tons of options too. Some have that same quirkiness (slightly less racism though not none), but you can also find more subtle jars that might fit your kitchen and hide your cookies better. My favorite jars are from brentsmithpottery. This black and white one from springfieldpottery is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen on Etsy. MurraysPotteryCove has simple pretty ones as well. I love this mid-century one from aeroandcoVINTAGE.  More hilarious gems? Obi-Wan Kanobi, a sheep, a strawberry, a batmobile, a wiener dog, lettuce, ice cream, a bull dog, and this life-changing dinosaur.

Man, I could look at these crazy cookie jars all day! But let's keep going...

minimalist dog bowls
from HighlandDesignCo

Dog Bowls- If you realllly love your pets, maybe get them something special for your anniversary? I like these bowls from ShouldWeGo - pretty sophisticated for a dog bowl! Even more chic- these bowls from Highland Design Co. I mean, come on, those are some classy dogs.

Salt and Pepper Shakers- I might be the only one who feels sentimental about this, because my Great Grandma collected salt and pepper shakers. But getting a sweet one that has meaning to both of you might be a fun way to find a sweet AND useful gift. I love these pineapple shakers from HellaGoodFinds.

If that isn't your thing, you could try a similar gift with olive oil and vinegar bottles like these ones from 3PointsArtwork. A cool gift depending on your family's diet!

Pottery Gifts for Home

bauer pottery plate
from Bauer Pottery
Plates- Alright, we already know that this is where the whole theme is going. Maybe you didn't get plates for your wedding and are still using hand me downs. Maybe the plates you got weren't built to outlast the craziness of children, pets, clutzy fingers, etc. If your plates still have life, DO NOT throw them away! Either keep using them or gift them to someone. If you have plates, buy  nice platter or teapot. But always start with what you need.

I have already written a LOT about plates here, but here is a list of my favorite American-made brands.
Bauer Pottery
Bennington Potters
Emerson Creek Pottery Go Green
Fiesta (and on Amazon)
Heath Ceramics
J Clay Pottery

Katie Butt Ceramics cereal bowls
from KateButtCeramics
Cereal/ Soup Bowls- We use these bowls every day, and the ones we bought at Ikea when we moved in together (a decade ago) look ROUGH. I mean, just not good. If your cereal bowls are looking equally chipped and scratched, consider these as a nice gift. Most of the brands listed above have something cereal bowlish. I think these ones from Kate Butt Ceramics are really beautiful (and they are dishwasher safe). I also feel happy inside when I see the swirls at the bottom of the ManjarCeramics bowls. Maybe with the promise to make a nice noodle soup in them?

stakceramics tablet and utensil holder
A Phone Charging Station- I usually recommend reclaimed wood stations, but I also absolutely love these ceramic stations from STAKCERAMICS. They are pretty, minimal, and would look really good in a kitchen or on a nightstand. I like the ones that hold kitchen utensils, perfect if you use your phone or tablet for recipes.

modern ceramic planter
from waldmade
Planters- I just thought you should see these modern and clean planters from waldmade. These feel really special to me, and living with this that grow is great for mental health and so many other things. Grow something in one of these.

Practical Pottery Gifts

butter keeper
from Sawyer Ceramics
Butter Keeper, Creamer, Gravy Boat - You may have all the kitchen accessories you need, or there might be ones that help you don't have yet. Getting something that you can relate to this anniversary but also does a specific job is a perfect combo. For our wedding, my aunt gave us a gravy boat we use as a syrup pitcher. The gift comes out often (we eat a lot of pancakes) but still feels special. I think any of these things could have that feeling.

Plus, it can be bonus points if it helps you from some plastic packaging (for example, a beautiful butter keeper like this one from Sawyer Ceramics could keep you from buying the little plastic tubs of spread butter). If you want something to pour creamer, could you find anything cooler than this one from FromDonnasHands. Need a juicer? Check out these ceramic beauties from Fringe and Fettle.

sponge holder
from tanyajulianceramics
Sponge Holder- I know, the romance is overwhelming, but what about getting a beautiful sponge holder like this one from taniajulianceramics or this one from Sawyer Ceramics? And then you could pair it with unsponges from MarleysMonsters? Again, not super romantic, so know your audience, but it's an object out on your countertops, so why not get a pretty one? You can find more good-lookin sponge homes at andersenpottery, LightaFire, and DowdHouseStudios.

ceramic soap tray
from BellaTerraCeramics
Soap Tray- Loyal followers know that I am a deep believer in bar soap. I think a soap tray and some beautiful bars of soap would be a lovely gift. You can almost always find soap trays at secondhand stores for nearly nothing. If you can't, check out BellaTerraCeramicsTheBubbleBakerySoaps, MeganLouiseCeramics,

Berry Bowl- If you grow or buy a lot of berries, one of these berry bowls could get a lot of use and make rinsing your produce easier. Not for everyone, but probably for someone. I do love this one from KateButtCeramics. For more options, check out potteryandtile, FringeandFettle, and claylicious.

Pottery Jewelry Gifts

ceramic jewelry necklace
from MapleandMauve
Maple and Mauve makes ceramic and cement earrings and necklaces. These are damn cool (and based in Seattle!)
ceramic jewelry necklace
from PorcelainandStone
ceramic jewelry necklace
from susangordonpottery

ceramic jewelry mountain necklace marissagrana
from MarissaGrana
ceramic jewelry ring
from StonebrooksJewelry

ceramic jewelry earrings
from StoneWaresByCassie

ceramic jewelry cat earrings
from ChikoCraft

Happy anniversary! Be sure to check the anniversaries page for more gift ideas!

Unique and Eco-Friendly Pottery Gifts for your Ninth Anniversary

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  1. I love your rules of gift-buying -- buying less, buying local, buying one thing rather than a couple of things, you are totally speaking my language :)

  2. I'm obsessed with both that cake stand and the phone charging station.... Looking forward to my 9th anniversary in a few years so I have an excuse to buy them!

  3. I didn’t know pottery was the 9 year anniversary gift. That’s really cool and love the ideas you give

  4. Only a few more years to go for my 9th anniversary! Love your gift ideas. The "recreate Ghost" had me cracking up!



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