Unique and Eco-Friendly Wooden Gift Ideas for Your Fifth Anniversary

by - Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Congratulations on your upcoming fifth wedding anniversary! Every year is exciting, but the fifth feels like the first "big" one, like you have really reached a new milestone. I love an anniversary. I love to celebrate, and this is worth celebrating. I also love a theme, and wedding anniversaries come with a load of them. Why? I don't know honestly, but I do love this list of themes, most of which seem pretty silly. 
fifth anniversary wooden gift peg dolls
from goosegrease
As you think about what's coming, think about the impact your daily life and your special occasions have on your future together. If you eat a hamburger and cake everyday for your fifth year of marriage, you are going to pay for it way out into the future. Do it for 10 years of marriage and you won't be celebrating that many anniversaries. 
Am I saying don't get gifts? Friend, I would never ever say that. Gifts are my love language too, and I don't think they are ever pointless or extravagant. But use this holiday as a first step to approach your shopping in a new way, so you can celebrate beautiful anniversaries (and regular days) all through the years. 
How do you do it? I have a few ideas. 
1. Buy Less- Don't buy 3 ok gifts. Think hard, and buy one great one. Quantity is not quality. 
2. Think Outside of the Mall- Instead of buying something, why not spend that money on a cool experience that you will remember forever? That is what keeps marriages fun and exciting, right? You could also try unlikely places for shopping like consignment stores and Buy Nothing Groups. The fewer material things you buy new, the more positive your impact AND the less baggage you carry with you. 
3. Buy Used, Recycled, and Reclaimed- This is so important, because we need our trees. You can find so many things made of reclaimed wood out there (or you could refinish and reuse something yourself). Forget the picture you have in your head- reclaimed comes in all sorts of styles. 
4. Buy Local- We have all numbed ourself to the "Made in Elsewhere" tag, but when you are dealing with something as substantial as wood, shipping across the world costs a lot more in fuel than shipping from a nearby town. If you want to shop responsibly, start thinking locally. 
Ok, I have TONS of awesome wood ideas, so lovebirds, let's get to it. 

Even if they are a little goobery, these themes create an opportunity to reflect. To reflect on the five years of married life behind you. To reflect on what that other person means to you. And to reflect on all the years ahead of you. Finding that perfect gift can be pressure-filled enough, but I want you to think about one more thing.

In the same way, if you consume recklessly now, buying tons of stuff you don't need and creating lots of waste, you may really pay for it in the future. This anniversary is wood-themed, but trees are absolutely necessary for a clean and happy Earth, so we have to question how to celebrate without destroying a vital natural resource. You want to still be able to breathe in the fresh air or swim in clean oceans for your 50th anniversary? Time to make some changes now. 

Experience Wood Gifts

A Camping Trip to Remember- Get it? Wood? Woods? Ok, so maybe a little obvious, but a camping trip might be the perfect romantic getaway if you are outdoorsy or a fun adventure if you aren't. You can put the trip at a level you are comfortable with (to pee in the woods or to not pee in the woods?) and even go to a national forest or national park to go big!

Or you could glamp. And by glamp I mean stay in one of these super cool treehouses, and then tell me all about it.

staining wood table

Refinish Something Together- The Boy and I have been working on refinishing a table (seemingly forever now- damn you, Seattle rain!), and it is a fun project to do together! It might be fun to rework something you already have at home or finally get that thing you have wanted for cheap and then make it amazing. Perfect for couple who likes doing projects together, and you could always feel proud of where it came from.

Romantic Hike and Picnic- Don't have a ton of time or money to spend? What about buying a pretty wooden basket with the promise of a picnic, sandwiches made by you? Doesn't have to be over the top, just thoughtful and it might be really great!

tall trees

Plant a Tree or Gift the Arbor Day Foundation- Feel like a gift isn't all that necessary? What about planting a tree together? Or, if that really isn't in the cards for you, why not just take your gift budget and put it towards a great cause like the Arbor Day Foundation? We could all use trees more now than ever, so rather than getting a gift that chops a tree down, why not give a gift that puts nurtures more trees? Even if you only get your anniversary card this way, that is still pretty cool.

Romantic Wood Gifts

driftwood jewelry stand
from DriftingConcepts
Jewelry Box- A box for jewelry or other treasures seems like a very romantic gift to me. It's a home for something special, and it could be even more romantic with a sweet note in each drawer. You can try to find one in consignment, but there are lots of options out there. This one from watswood looks like an art deco relic, like it should be on Jeanette MacDonald's nightstand. This one from DaedalusCreative looks like a bookworm's treasure box. Here are a few more- IndependentBoxWorks, vintage from OldFangledFinds, WeHome, and American Chest.

Married to someone who wants a flashier home for their jewelry? I found a modern hanger from andrewsreclaimed. DriftingConcepts makes all sorts of beautiful driftwood housewares, including pretty jewelry displays. TomsEarringsHolders makes earring holders that look pretty and practical.

eleventyonestudio reclaimed wood art
from EleventyOneStudio
Reclaimed Wood Art- EleventyOneStudio makes some of the most beautiful wall art that could fit into so many different styles of home. I love these pieces, and I think they could be a really special gift if you are at a loss. I also think this birch art from urbanplusforest could look quite pretty in the right house.

onceagainsam wood silhouette picture
from OnceAgainSam
Want a gift that cuts straight to your co-parent/partner's heart and will be treasured forever? How about these gorgeous wood silhouettes from OnceAgainSam? I just think these are so special.

You could also do a romantic sign. Lots of people like the "Rod and Jemima est. 1987" kind of numbers, but I found a few others that I like a little better.

from CypressandWhim
This sign "we decided on forever" from CypressandWhim is pretty and romantic. Also, a nice reminder when someone is being the worst. So both romantic and a helpful poke. You could also buy an unfinished reclaimed pallet sign and make something special for the both of you.

reclaimed wood breakfast tray
from DancingDishandDecor
Breakfast Tray- This only counts as romantic if it comes with breakfast in bed. Every household only needs one of these, and you can find really special ones at secondhand stores. Honestly, every antique store has a breakfast tray. If you can't find one you like, Etsy has some great reclaimed options, like this tray from wwmake. or these from pear44,

My favorite are from DancingDishandDecor, because they take old cabinet doors and turn them into breakfast trays. You might be able to buy a discarded cabinet door and make this yourself- so simple!

Something Sexy- Get it? Wood? Oy. Alright, not my classiest angle at this thing, but you can take that start where it seems interesting to you if your partner would find that euphemism amusing.

Sentimental Wood Gifts

rustic refined wood frame

Picture Frames- Print a few pictures from the last year (or wedding pictures if you don't already have plenty) on a site like Artifact Uprising, and you can get American--made and reclaimed wood picture frames. My favorite is Rustic and Refined Design; we have bought a few frames from them, and they are all beautiful.

If you want something larger, check out Barnwood USA.

A Hope Chest- It's an old-fashioned piece of furniture with some pretty sexist baggage. It is also really great for holding blankets and your most treasured objects. You can find so many of these wooden chests in consignment stores and over a thousand of them on Etsy. Might be a cool gift, and someone's neglected treasure can be a treasure again.

This Game of Jenga-These giant Jenga games for the backyard are so fun and playful. Might be perfect if you are the kind of couple who love hosting cook outs. I like 54Blocks version and Yardtastic game as well.  Want something a little smaller and more personal? ThePearsonShop sells wooden Connect 4 games with your name and wedding date.

Home Wood Gifts

giant reclaimed wood lamp
from AWalkThroughtheWoods

That Piece of Furniture- Is there some piece of furniture that you have really been wanting to get, but you just can't justify it? How about, instead of buying a bunch of little gifts, you go in together and finally do it. Even finding it might be fun!

The greenest option, as always, is to get it secondhand. If you are looking for a coffee table, a night stand, or a rocking chair, you can find a beautiful wooden version for a minimal price by just letting go of the idea of "brand new." You will end up with cooler stuff, and you know it is built to last, because it already has.

Can't find what you want at the secondhand stores? Reclaimed wood might be your answer. I tried to find option mostly under 300 dollars, because beyond that seems way beyond a normal anniversary (combined) budget. Here are some gorgeous and modern night stands from ReclaimedWoodUSA. A bit out of the price range but so gorgeous and special are these reclaimed wood dining chairs from wwmake. We love our reclaimed wood kitchen island from Herb's Furniture- it seems weird to limit your options so much, but it is easy and worth it once you get going. It might be an opportunity to get a really cool lamp like this one from Walden Wood Designs or this giant from AWalkThroughtheWoods.

Etsy also has tons of wood benches, which might be a perfect addition to an entryway or bedroom. I like this one with shoe storage, because storage makes life happy.

red front door

A Front Door- A beautiful front door can really transform a house, but man they are expensive! If your front door is looking really rough, you could either work together to transform it into something beautiful OR buy a new wood one together as an anniversary gift.

Front door out of the budget? You could also gift fresh new house numbers (I like this from MMWoodWrks) and a can of paint to spiff the front door you already have.

cutting board john boos
John Boos from Amazon
Cutting Boards- The board you got for your wedding might already feel a little tired, depending on where you got it from. You  could either go for looks- sentimental with a personalized board like this one from MilkandHoneyLuxuies or this beauty from foodiebords. Or, you can take it in the opposite direction and get a really hardcore and professional (and Made in the USA)- John Boos and California Custom Millwork,

Need more? Catskill Craftsmen and MichiganMapleBlock, and JK Adams has a lot of cutting board options too, including this pig one. Just in case none of the others are cute enough.

floating book shelves
from WhiteFOXdecor
Book Shelves- We have talked a lot about making a set of book shelves. If you are feeling ambitious, curious, or already handy, this might make a perfect gift. If that sounds absolutely terrible to you, there are tons of green options for bookshelves. The most eco-friendly option is to go to your local consignment and antique stores and find something your partner will love.

 If that goes bust, there are about a million reclaimed wood bookshelves out there, from modern to industrial to rustic, like these ones from JustKnotWood, WhiteFOXdecor, iReclaimed, DunnRusticDesigns, and BourbonMoth.

front yard library
from GreenRootsFurniture

Yard Library- Want something a little more whimsical? How about a street library! You leave one of these little houses outside filled with books you are ready to part with. Neighbors can take and drop off books as they like. I think this gift is such a fun addition to a home and could actually be really special and romantic. You know your person- a book-lover might love this.

You can definitely make one on your own, but if that is just not you, Stuckey's Woodworking has a simple one and GreenRootsFurniture makes personalized ones out of reclaimed wood!

Practical Gifts

magnetic wooden wall knife block
from BladeCatchers

A Knife Block- My current dream is to buy The Boy a really nice knife block and buy one knife a holiday until he has a "lasts forever" kind of set. You can find nice knife blocks like this one of reclaimed wood (HaresEarDesigns makes a pretty one too)or these wood and magnet ones (from  BackcountryFurniture, OnondagaHillWoodworks, and more) look really cool too.

Keeping Things Organized- Maybe your spouse could use a place to keep the mail; these modern organizers from SixFingerStudio might be perfect.

 Maybe your spouse could use a place to put their iPad in the kitchen.  I like this one from andrewsreclaimed and this nightstand organizer from PaybacksaBeach.

You could also keep your kitchen organized with a potato bin from Grinstone Design- these look really cool, and would be pretty in a rustic kitchen.

fifth anniversary wooden gift
from Amazon
There are so many practical objects made of wood. Need more ideas? A clipboard, a clock, dog bowls, salt and pepper shakers, a whisk, birdfeeders, a hammer, kitchen spoons, clothes drying rack, a pizza paddle, a foot stool, and a soap dish.

Wooden Jewelry

fifth anniversary wooden jewelry gift necklace
from CompanyKind
fifth anniversary wooden jewelry gift necklace
from TheWoodenTreasures
fifth anniversary wooden jewelry gift earrings
I love these. Reclaimed Redwoods, recycled silver= pure minimalist heaven. 

fifth anniversary wooden jewelry gift earrings
from SimpliCreations

Perfect fifth anniversary eco-friendly wood gift ideas

Happy anniversary, you crazy kids! If you want more wedding and anniversary ideas, check out the Green Wedding and Anniversary page. If you just want more gift and shopping inspiration, check out the Giant List of Shopping Lists page. 

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  1. Wow...what great gift ideas! There is an idea for anyone and any budget. I really like the idea of tying to the fifth or wood anniversary. I believe meaningful, thoughtful gifts are so much more special than picking up something at the mall. Great post!

  2. What great and beautiful gift ideas! I will definitely be saving a few of these for my 5th anniversary next year.

  3. I love wood art! My husband use to work at a tree company climbing trees and I loved when he would bring different types of wood home for projects! Wood makes the most beautiful gifts!

  4. This is such a great idea for a post! I never buy at the mall, I always love to support local artists and businesses, those products are well made, original, and hold a lot more sentimental value

  5. Eek! I just celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary and totally forgot about the traditional gifts by year! We did those the first couple of years and then fell off the wagon. This is a great list. I especially love the idea of going on a hike together. So creative, so sustainable, and so inexpensive!

  6. Beautiful and handmade it’s the best combination!

  7. Wooden gifts also have such style to them! It adds so much aesthetic to a room. Love these ideas :)



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