Unique and Eco-Friendly Bronze Gift Ideas for your Eighth Anniversary

by - Tuesday, February 27, 2018

bronze heart sculpture eighth anniversary
from swanky interiors... yes, that is the name

Happy Anniversary! Every anniversary, we use this traditional list to pick our gifts and themes. It can be a fun challenge and it gives every holiday its own personality.

It has also become a fun challenge for me to show that every kind of gift has eco-friendly options. We tend to not even think about the environment, because it seems like there is no good option.

But there is always a good option.

 I don't care how kooky it is or how out there the request might be, you can find a gift that is amazing, memorable, and great for the environment. Here's how:

- Buy Less. Buy one great gift. Not a couple meh gifts. This is the BEST step to take.

- Buy Experiences. You are eight years into a marriage, so you know how important it is to keep making new memories and having new experiences. Plus, it cuts down on so much waste and clutter!

- Buy Secondhand, Recycled, or Reclaimed. Give something a second life instead of buying another thing to land in a landfill. Antique and secondhand stores are filled with memorable, meaningful options. Start there.

- Buy Local. Our stuff should travel less than we do. The shorter our stuff travels, the less fossil fuels and packaging it wastes. For us, that means from the US, but shop what is close to you.

So what is the theme this time? Bronze.

Alright, to be totally honest with you, this one kicked my butt. I mean, bronze is really hard! What the heck is made out of bronze? So the highlights of these are actually experience gifts and jewelry. I know you think I am way too hardcore about experience gifts, but seriously, these are all fun. You can nail it. Basically everything else is fair to middlin.

Bronze Experience Gifts

Go Somewhere to get a Tan. If you have lots of money to spare, you could go on a trip to the beach (8 years does seem like a great time for a reinvigorating getaway). But it certainly doesn't have to be that big if that isn't in the cards. Where are beaches nearby? Or a sunny spot near a river? Or set up a hammock and a kiddie pool in the backyard (would be super memorable)! It doesn't have to be fancy, just give it some thought and clear a space to just chill together. Plan a picnic and just a day to lay around in the sun.

heirloom tomatoes adulting ribbons
from TheHeirloomTomatoes

Stage Your Own Olympics (or GO to a future Olympics site?). Are you a sporty couple? Plan your own Olympics celebration. The trick would be that if it is just the two of you, technically no one would ever receive the bronze medal. You would have to work that out. But with creativity and a sense of humor, you could make your own Olympic events and really have a hilarious and fun day.

Need some cool awards for your award ceremony? It doesn't get any better than The Heirloom Tomatoes adulting ribbons.

If you have LOTS of money, care a bunch about sports, and are ready to do something HUGE! Look up future Olympic sites (or maybe you already know them), make a reservation at a hotel, and start saving. Come on, that would be soooo cool! Lots of people have to have this on their bucket list, so now is as good a time as ever to take the leap and see some Olympic-level curling close up.

Fun Night at medieval times

Medieval Times. Goblets! Swords! Is it cheesy? Oh yes. Is it awesome? YES. My only complaint is that their plates were made in China (yes! I always look. I am genuinely obsessed!) I am thinking bronze, swords, and lots of cheesy fun if you have one nearby.

chinese bronze ding vessel eighth anniversary
from wikiwand

A Trip to a Museum. When I think bronze, the first thing I think of is Chinese sculpture and vessels. Then, I probably think of Rodin. Bronze has stood as a key medium in art over centuries and continents. Go to an art museum, and you are sure to see some. Even better, go to an Asian Art Museum, because you haven't lived until you have gotten an eyeful of ancient Chinese ding. Seriously though, this stuff is cool.

Also fun? Check out an outdoor sculpture garden. Most outdoor metal sculptures are

Bronze Romantic Gifts

eighth anniversary bronze gift statue
from YennyCocq

(Meaningful) Bronze Sculptures and Decor- In general, I wouldn't suggest something like this, because who actually needs a sculpture in their house? On the other hand, you can find bronze sculptures in every antique store and I even found some cool (and potentially useful) options on Ebay. I love this menorah, which looks really special. But you can find anything. No seriously, anything. ANYTHING.

If you are looking for something personalized and modern, check out YennyCocq from New Mexico.

Make-up- Blech, not sure about this (and is it romantic to tell someone to cover that face up? Really not sure), but for the right person a trip to a fancy makeup counter might be great? I have done some research on Made in America make up, but it's honestly not my strong suit and LOTS of people out there can tell you about made in America, vegan bronzer made with no nonsense. It could be done, but again, know your audience.

Bronze Sentimental Gifts

eighth anniversary bronze money clip
from theCopperPoppy
A Tie Bar- This tie bar from theCopperPoppy is so sweet. I love the 8 ticks to designate the anniversary, so if you have a spouse who wears ties, this could be the perfect gift.

A Fire Pit- The Boy is obsessed with the idea of having an outdoor living space with a fire pit at our house. Now, why we would want a table of fire at our toddler's reach is kind of beyond me, but if your household is in a different moment, a fire pit for the backyard cool be a cool addition.

Ohio Flame firepits are all made in America and come with a lifetime warranty. There isn't much fuss here (just really clean modern designs), but they look honestly better than lots of the ones out there. Bellacor offers some made in America options that look more like small tables.

Home Bronze Gifts

Cabinet Pulls. Bronze (or the look of bronze) tends to be used for those little metal details that can really take a room from standard to something you feel reflects you better. Obviously, you have to find a style that works for you, but there are companies like Artisan Hardware that make their pulls and knobs in the US. Such an easy one to buy local.

bronze chandelier eighth anniversary
from Schoolhouse Electric

Lighting- You can still find quite a few chandelier and other lighting that is made with bronze. Maybe it is time to finally replace that dated lamp you both hate (or is broken) with something you both love. If you aren't big on surprises, you could pool your money together for one really fun gift. I personally love the lamps from Schoolhouse Electric. Most are made in the US and their look is clean and modern without being so trendy that it will look ridiculous 10 years from now. I really like this rustic modern barn lighting, also made in America. If you want something with more pizazz, you can try SalsaLighting.

Practical Bronze Gifts

from mtreaz.com
Doors or Windows. Bronze doesn't see a ton of practical use anymore (replaced by iron way, way back), but it is still used architecturally in doors and windows. So this might be an opportunity to replace something that is broken and knock something off your to do list? One door or one window can still be way expensive, but it might be the perfect opportunity to replace the clunker finally.

 You could also finally go for that barn door you have been dreaming of- you can find the hardware for it in a bronze finish made in America.

Bathroom Fixtures and Switchplates- Again, a small change that seems to have minimal effect, but actually tying these details together with something you love could really transform your space if you do own your house. Super practical, and may seem boring, but it could also surprise you. Here are some Made in America switchplates with that bronze finish.

Bronze Jewelry Gifts

eighth anniversary bronze gift jewelry necklace
from PeggySkempJewelry
eighth anniversary bronze gift jewelry necklace
from UpwardDesigns

eighth anniversary bronze gift jewelry necklace
from mandalynndesigns
eighth anniversary bronze gift jewelry earrings
from true2u
eighth anniversary bronze gift jewelry rings
from brelokz
eighth anniversary bronze gift jewelry bracelet
from PJsPrettys
eighth anniversary bronze gift jewelry bracelet
from SkyPhaebl

eighth anniversary bronze gift jewelry pomegranate necklace
from wingedlion

Oh boy, made it through! What are you going to do for your eighth anniversary?

Unique and Eco-Friendly Bronze Gift Ideas for your Eighth Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Lovebirds!If you want more wedding and anniversary ideas, check out the Green Wedding and Anniversary page. If you just want more gift and shopping inspiration, check out the Giant List of Shopping Lists page. 

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  1. At the end of this year will be my husband's and I's 8th anniversary. Hope your husband and you had a great anniversary!

  2. I love these ideas, there's so many amazing, thoughtful gifts! I should suggest this to my husband, it will be only our 2nd anniversary this year. We still have a date night every month on the anniversary of our wedding :-) It's getting harder with a 4 month old baby though!

  3. we don't do traditional gifts, but these are some good ideas!

  4. Such awesome ideas and it’s unique as well I love it



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