Eco-Friendly and Unique Copper and Wool Gift Ideas for your Seventh Anniversary

by - Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Congratulations on your upcoming seventh anniversary! That's amazing!

I love to celebrate our anniversary, and early on, we decided to follow the "traditional" list of gifts and themes. I use this list, and it mostly seems pretty arbitrary, but I think attaching to the theme makes it into a fun challenge. Also, it motivates us to stay married, because those gifts get GOOD later on! Give me some land!

I'll be honest- I love this combo theme.  It seems so random, but I actually think it makes sense. Copper is my favorite metal, warm and strange and just always pretty. Wool is all about warmth too. Seven years into a marriage sounds like the perfect time to celebrate that warm, cozy feeling of really knowing someone, right?

Plus, it's a good opportunity to buy one great gift that will LAST.

Buying one great gift has become a big obsession of mine. In America, we are told again and again that quantity matters. For years, I wanted to give him a pile of gifts, partially because it was fun to see that mountain and partially it upped my confidence he would love something I bought.

Here is the problem with piles of stuff- our world is drowning in piles of stuff. Wanted objects, unwanted junks, and billions of pounds of plastic all this stuff came wrapped in. If you have been married this long, you probably have decades of marriage ahead of you. Wouldn't it be great if those years weren't bogged down with environmental disasters and undrinkable water?

I would never suggest just skipping the celebration all together- go for it if you aren't celebraters, but I love making a big deal out of milestones like these. So I love planning our celebration and gift around a theme, but I try to make it as eco-friendly as possible. These are my rules to eliminate waste and have a positive impact on the Earth :

Experiences over Things- Seven years in, how many really great days can you remember since you got married? Now how many specific gifts you have received. Sharing experiences, jokes, and memories together makes a life. Collecting stuff just makes a hoard.

Buy One Great Gift- I love a gift pile, but actually one great gift is more memorable and has lower environmental impact (so much less packaging, shipping, etc).

Buy Secondhand or Recycled- Faribault blankets or a well-cared suit can last a long time. I can now confirm there are thousands of copper candle holders just waiting for a home. Buying secondhand can be a great way to lessen your impact and find something amazing.

Buy Local- The shorter the distance your stuff travels from raw materials to manufacturing to you, the less fossil fuels it uses. Bonus, it also encourages local jobs and the local economy!

So, wool and copper, warm and homey- let's do this!

Experience Copper and Wool Gifts

seventh anniversary copper piggy bank
from PrimrosePoppyShop
Start a New Savings Account- Ok, be prepared to be overtaken by the romance of this idea. BUT it is the best idea ever. What if you got a savings account for your anniversary? You could pick a goal as a couple- a thing you want to get for your house but never have the money for or a trip somewhere you have always talked about going. Commit to putting some bit of money in there (10 bucks a month + all your spare change) and see if you can grow it into a dream together. It's an investment in future romance and a commitment to keep working toward that dream. To me, this is so romantic, because it means you still have goals together.

If you want something tangible, you could pair it with something to collect your change (a jar, a piggy bank, a whale, this Damien Hirst ripoff, whatever).

Spend a Weekend Cozy in a Cabin- When I think big wool blanket, I think a ski lodge or cabin. So many romantic getaways are about summer and water and sun, but why not plan a getaway for January or February when you want to get away anyway?

Sentimental Copper and Wool Gifts

lilyrosehome business card holder
from LilyRoseHome
Money Clip or Business Card Holder- Simple and straightforward, but a beautiful copper money clip or business card holder could be the perfect gift for someone who doesn't need much fuss. Lots have engraving options as well so you could add something sentimental?

And I had no idea how great business card holders could be, check out these ones from LilyRoseHome, soudabrooklyn, and JasonsMetalCreations. You can find really sharp clips as well from hjvdesigns, 3LittlePixiesShoppe, and BlockandHammer.

seventh anniversary copper mobile
from jfjones
Copper Art. There are actually some cool copper sculptures out there. These copper leaf mobiles from Jay Jones have been my favorites for years. I especially love these ones with patina. Someday, I will buy one, because they are just so pretty. If you had a fall wedding, this might make a perfect gift.

Maybe not for everyone, but these copper trees from Trees2Art just look so special. Like they should be on a desk in an office with dark wood everywhere. I have also seen some copper paintings from LuckyTusk- really sweet look to it.

Romantic Wool and Copper Gifts

copper tea light candleholder
from MuirwoodReclamations
Candle Holders- I mostly don't go for this sort of thing, but the soft warmth of copper goes so well with the flickery warmth of fire, so I think this could be a damn sexy combination. Plus, these kinds of simple house accessories could have a longer use life. You might try shopping secondhand to find something special (tons are out there- from traditional to mid-century), but I did find beautiful options on etsy. My favorites are from MuirwoodReclamationsVimandVigorCandleCo, and DalFurlo
eighth generation wool blanket
from Eighth Generation

Wool Blankets- Am I the only one who gets really excited for a cozy night under a warm blanket? This can be so sweet and romantic, while also being a gift that can last you a long time. I love the thick knit wool yarn blankets (like these from ColorwaysGallery), but my favorites are still the wool blankets from Faribault and Eighth Generation (these Salish and Pacific Northwest designs are just gorgeous- if you haven't looked at 8th generation yet, you are missing out!).

Home Wool and Copper Gifts

Wool Rugs- Rugs may not be the most romantic gift, but they can totally transform a room and will be prominently featured in your home for a very long time. I am obsessed with braided rugs, and one anniversary my husband bought me a rug from LL Bean for my birthday, and it is still one of my favorite things in our house. Their rugs are made in North Carolina by Capel Rugs, so you can often find very similar rugs still made in America for less. You can also find wool rugs on Etsy (some even use recycled materials) OR if you are feeling really

Really Fancy Pots and Pans. You know in movies when a supposedly average white person has the most beautiful kitchen you have ever seen? That kitchen has copper pots in it. Apparently copper is the material of super fancy cooking. If you want to go MASSIVE, All-Clad has a few collections of copper and copper-core pots. Not fancy enough? Jacques Pepin has an all-copper, Made in France set that costs a mere 1,700 dollars.

Now, in my life, it is hard to imagine buying a cooking vessel THAT expensive. But if you love someone who would treasure those pots forever, check Ebay. I found some secondhand pans and pots that are still expensive, but not Kardashian expensive.

Love the copper in the kitchen look? You could also buy a copper pot rack (like this one from CozyExpressions) to kind of tie the whole thing together.

Moscow Mule Mugs. To be honest with you, this one seems really dumb to me. Unless you drink a LOT of moscow mules, I cannot imagine splurging for a special set of cups. You have cups, friend. But, if somehow your partner really loves moscow mules but doesn't have a set yet, you could check Etsy. Better yet, check your local thrift shop or Ebay, because this screams secondhand.

seventh anniversary copper windchime
from rusticresonances
Windchimes. The traditional ones also often use copper, but I love these little copper-finished bells from rusticresonances. I feel like it might give an outdoor space a special sound and feel. Just the kind of thing you keep forever and associate the sound with home.

seventh anniversary copper menorah
from LilyRoseHome

Anything from LilyRoseHome- I am obsessed with this Etsy store, as everything in it is made of industrial copper pipe. Paper towel holders, towel bars, clothing racks, even a menorah! Someone buy their somebody a copper pipe menorah this year. And they are all so gorgeous. Perfect if you like industrial or minimal decor, but want a twist on it.

Practical Wool and Copper Gifts

seventh anniversary wool dryer balls
from FiberFeltnMore
Dryer Balls. So romantic, right? But these little wool balls can be a cute add on, and they will save your house from wasteful dryer sheets. They last like 1000 loads, so you will save a significant amount of money. Some are even kind of cute looking. Check out these from A Little Green BeeFiberFeltnMore, Budiegg, and Kintor

Get your House Wired. So maybe not copper wire, but what about getting your house wired for ethernet? It's a strange gift, but I did it for The Boy and he LOVED it. Probably one of the biggest hits ever. You think copper, you think wiring, so if you could make a change with the electrician's help, what would you do?

Wool Hats, Scarves, and Gloves. Maybe your partner has all the cold weather wear they need, but if they don't, there are so many cool options out there. Basically endless. Check out Static Climbing,

Copper and Wool Jewelry Gifts

seventh anniversary copper jewelry bracelet
from sparkflight
This jewelry from sparkflight is my favorite. This bracelet is made of recycled copper wire- how cool!

seventh anniversary copper jewelry rings
from DrishtiHandmade (New Mexico)
seventh anniversary wool flower pin
from OksanaEnsary

seventh anniversary copper jewelry ring
from 45thParallelStudio
seventh anniversary copper jewelry earrings
from MostlySweetJewelry

seventh anniversary copper jewelry flower ring
from CandiceVostrejs
seventh anniversary reclaimed copper jewelry necklace
from RecycledBeautifully
seventh anniversary copper jewelry bracelet
from HardwearDesigns

Congrats on your seventh anniversary? What's the best anniversary gift you have given?

perfect and unique seventh anniversary copper and wool gift ideas

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love the copper jewelries, they all look awesome.

  2. There is a lot of fun items here. Definitely unique and items that express the anniversary that I wouldn't have even thought of.

  3. Wow Amazing gift items ! I love these jewelry ! Thank you for sharing !

  4. I love the gifts so much, especially "45thParallelStudio" ring! ♥

  5. These are some really great, unique gifts. Inspired me to think outside of the box for my wedding anniversary.



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