My Goals for 2018

by - Thursday, January 04, 2018

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Every year I set a bunch of goals, many of which I won't really reach, but I like taking the opportunity to reset the vision every year. So these are mine for 2018- do you have any goals this year?

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1. Four Pieces of Plastic Per Grocery Trip

Going completely plastic-free is so tough (like biggest fight of 2017 tough) but I have found that moderating with SPECIFICS makes it feel less oppressive and more like a ga,e. We are already pretty aware of this issue in our house, but we still can't resist blueberries or remember our container for deli-meats. This year, I want this to be a fun challenge where we use less plastic without going crazy. Want to join us? Go on a regular shopping trip and count how much packaging you use, cut it in half, and go for it!

2. Learn to Sew (For Real this Time) 

This year, I noticed one of our biggest sources of waste is clothing, so I really do want to learn how to start patching things to make them last longer.

3. Read More Books and Less Facebook. 

Like most people out there, I could use another 10 hours per day. Think how many more bossy blogs I could write AND actually get healthy amounts of sleep! Since getting more time is not really a thing, I have been trying to figure out where I am not really doing anything useful with the time I have. Surprise! That wasted time is on Facebook. I do get sucked right into the Facebook vortex, so I want to visit twice a day, morning and evening, instead of popping over whenever I draw a blank or get on the computer. On the same token, I would like to read more substantive materials. I miss books, but I never seem to have time for them. I would like to feel like my brain isn't constantly at the brink of atrophe.

there is no planet b

4. Get (Even More) Politically Involved

Everything is freaking terrible, and if we are going down in flames, I want my children to know that I fought for their future. Now is the time. So I will march, write, call, and support more than I ever have before. November 2018 has a huge impact on the survival of both our democracy and our environment, and I can think of lots of people who need to start losing their jobs for that to happen.

5. Feel Better about Myself

I have a huge sweet tooth, and in this sleep-deprived, grief-stricken, and stress-addled year, I leaned too hard on my old friend treats. I mean, it is such an easy and fast form of self-care. Who the heck has time for these candlelit reading baths? Because screw that lady. But like most cheap, easy and fast things, my snacking comes at a big longterm cost. I am mostly just sick of feeling bad about myself and not being able to fit into my clothes. Ready to make some positive changes so I can at least know I am doing my best.

polka dot keds out in the park

6. Go Outside

At least an hour a day and somewhere that is more wild than our yard or a playground once a week. I am currently reading How to Raise a Wild Child and I would recommend it to any and all parents. It should be required reading if you spawn. The big takeaway? Our kids need to spend a lot more time outdoors, screen-free, and in nature for the development of their brains and their bond with the natural world (which we are all a part of). It is extremely good for kids' health, their psyches, and the future of our world. Since we don't live where I'd feel safe sending them out on their own, it must be time for me to pull on my keds and get dirty too.

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7. Get Inspired

I want to have a plan, and for it to be a creative plan. My other big mission as a mom is to have fewer days that just slip away, and to have more fun plans and inspirations. My big idea is to have a Letter of the Month since we have an early letter learner. I love a theme, and I am hoping this helps me generate ideas for the memories and adventures that I hope they will remember for a long time. I know I have these skills, but I haven't been using them, and it's time to turn it around.

8. Really Join a Church

We have been in churchy limbo basically since The Bear was born a year ago. We bounce from church to church and debate pros and cons, but we don't have a lightning bolt moment I keep feeling like should come. Time to just commit anyway and dive in.

9. Potty Train this Toddler


Right now, this seems more intimidating than everything else on this list combined. I am just dreading it so so much, but it is happening, and soon, so wish us luck.

mama with her sweet toddler boy. snuggling on the beach

10. Be Happy (on Purpose)

So, I don't know why people don't mention this that often, but having small children can be really tough. We had a lot of great moments and fun last year, but I think the daily minutae of our banal lives can be really tough and stressful. Throw a bunch of global issues on top of that, and I just feel like I spend most of 2017 tired and worried. Always worried. We are starting 2018 worn out, trying to still recover from a trip home that was mostly a bummer, and just tired.

I get that's part of being an adult, and that parents in general feel worn out, but we just keep pushing, pushing, pushing like at some point we won't feel so depleted or we will have time to regroup. But I think that might be like 20 years from now, so I am trying to figure out how we need to change our system, our endless list of shoulds, so we get a little more rest (and maybe a little less done). I have no idea if I can actually do this or not, but it's fun to think we would at least try. Going to try to focus on the positive more, cut some things off my to do list, and just take it easier on us. We don't have as many huge house or travel goals for this year (it's a saving year) so I am hoping to get us on our feet with more down time.

Do those are my big goals! What are your goals for 2018? 

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