2017 Goals- How Did We Do?

by - Sunday, December 31, 2017

Every year, I set goals like most everyone else on this day or near it. I have a blog, so I get to reflect semi-publicly about my success and not so much successes. Resolutions get a bad reputation, but we can only do more good if we are trying to, so I really like them. That being said, let's see how 2017 went. I mean, we all know 2017 was mostly terrible. But let's see how the goals went.

1. Learn to Sew- Nope! Didn't get there at all, and I am still wearing leggings that essentially look like assless chaps. The longer I spend as a mother, the more I look like Christina Aguilara in the "Dirty" video, and not in a good way. This one is making the list again for 2018, because I know I can do it.

2.  Take Better Pictures- Eh, yes and no. I think I have Lightroom and Pic Monkey mostly figured out, so I know that the pictures on this blog are improving. Someday, this thing is going to look professionalish! That being said, I know this is one I would still like to keep working on, because I would like more effective shooting.

3. Use Even Less Fossil Fuels- Yes! I think we are to the point where we are filling up our cars less than once a month. We also are getting really good at buying everything locally or secondhand, so our stuff is using less fossil fuels as well. I walk a LOT. We do most of our basic shopping on foot during the week. I am nervous this won't be the case in 2018, because the baby will get too big to carry and the Bub is potty training, but in general, I hope we can keep up the momentum.

4. Grow Teal Tuesdays- No, I really let this one fall apart. Our September turned out to be a bit of a mess and honestly all of our holidays and special events were not the best this year. Definite goal for next year.

5. Embrace Meatless Mondays- Yes! I wouldn't say we are scheduled enough to really do it on Mondays, but I would guess at least 2 of the dinners we plan every week don't have a protein. And we have been serving the same amount of meat we always did, but now it is across four people, so our servings are getting smaller too (this really helps). This one turns out to be pretty easy as you find more and more recipes you like. I even tried and like mushrooms now!

6. Throw an Awesome 30th Birthday Party- A party was thrown with lots of Harry Potterness! Super fun to do these crafty parties with my mother-in-law, and now we have lots of cute Harry Potter stuff in our house. In 2018, we will be going smaller.

7. Finish this Table- Done! Thank goodness for paternity leave, because we got a lot of things off that darn to do list. Super proud of our table, which we got for no money and we will keep forever. Even if it did take us YEARS to complete that project. Next year's big project? Bookshelves!

8. Be a Better Responder- Eh, some? I try, I really do, but this will probably be a thing I work on forever. Sorry friends, I really do love you.

9. The Great Donate 2017- I didn't make it to 2,017 things, but I still think this project was a complete success. I will write more about it later (maybe later today? Hard to know) but I feel like gifting and donating was a totally encouraging, life-giving, and house-cleaning goal this year, so maybe you will join me next year?

10. Fight for my Own Optimism- Oy, it's been a rough year. If you care about the environment, it has been a rough year. If you care about other human beings, it has been a rough year. If you have two tiny children and nearly no time for self-care or life-care or just holding it together, it has been a rough year.

But I am still going. And I am rallying within myself, because I truly believe that 2018 is a crossroads for our country, our world, and our environment, so I know I don't have the privilege of wallowing or feeling down long. And just being able to have that rally, knowing so much more about the world and my own blindspots now, feels like a new optimism. I am more involved than I have ever been, and that feels like optimism. The fact that I still write this blog, and that I am hopeful people can change their mind, see the problem, and choose to care feels like optimism .I feel  like anyone who is still fighting after this year drained everything is practicing a new kind of optimism. Look out 2018, because I have never come at anything harder.

Ok, so, 2018 was a bit of a mixed bag, but I am grateful to have survived this stinker year. How did you do at your goals in 2017?

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