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by - Thursday, June 29, 2017

don't buy angel soft toilet paper koch brothers instead try

Oh politics, they are everywhere, right? Sometimes, we just want to escape them, but our shopping is ALWAYS loaded with politics.

For example, you run out of toilet paper and head to the grocery store to pick some up before things get gross. The aisle is FILLED with paper products, wrapped in plastic with showy labels. You pick Angel Soft, maybe because of the cute baby picture or it is on sale or because that is just what you buy, and we all are weirdly loyal to brands for no real reason.

So you bought toilet paper, no big deal. But Angel Soft (among a bunch of paper products- Brawny, Sparkle, and Dixie to start, but you can read a better list here) is owned by Georgia Pacific, which is owned by the Koch Brothers.

Yes, the Koch Brothers who...

Hold political "reterats" with senators and representatives, setting the agenda and controlling them with their massive amounts of money. Are behind so much of the nonsense going on right now. Are fighting for all of the environmental deregulation. The list goes on and on.

So whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you probably feel a little uneasy about your representative being more invested in these billionaire's interests than the welfare of their constituents and the country. Our government should work for us, not big businesses who buy them, because we live in a democracy, not an oligarchy.

But every time you buy Angel Soft, you are investing in big money's ever growing pull on American politics.

If that isn't bad enough, this product is made of 100% virgin tree and pulp (nothing recycled) so they are terrible for the environment. Not enough? They have actively fought the EPA to allow their factories to remain dirty and polluting, feeling that the rules should not apply to them (can you imagine? From the Koch Brothers?).

Lastly, though they definitely have offices in the Atlanta area, it's unclear how much of Georgia Pacific's products are still made in the United States. It looks like at least some chunk is made in China.

So, there has to be a better way, right? Can't we make our toilet paper a little less evil?

Yes, I've got you. Let's do this-

1. Bulk Bulk Bulk

You want to rock at this? Be more eco-friendly, stop funding Un-American billionaires, save money? Stop buying your toilet paper at the grocery store all together. You can save a lot of money (and often side step all that plastic-wrapped packaging) by just switching to bulk.

You can buy bulk online or somewhere like Costco (though they often aren't as great about packaging as you would hope).

 Don't have the space? Team up with some friends and buy this stuff bulk together. Perfect way to save money.

Bamboo TP is Best, Recycled TP is a Mixed Bag

If I had to give you advice, I would say get recycled paper towels and bamboo toilet paper. Here's why:

Though recycled toilet paper is better for the environment, it could be potentially problematic to your body. Recycled paper has traces of plastic in it, because of shiny, plastic-covered magazine pages. For that reason, it may not be the best thing to put close to a major orifice. It puts (a small amount of) toxic chemials known to cause hormonal changes, endocrine problems, and cancers to your most delicate and susceptible places. Plastic is harmful where it is, and there is plastic in recycled paper.

THAT SAID, let's all take a minute to remember these are the same nasty plastic chemicals that we buy our food and drink wrapped in. So if you drink pop from a bottle or buy a frozen pizza, you are just sending the same chemicals through another vulnerable orifice. So, if you are still ok with those things, than this toilet paper is relatively tame compared to your food.

If you are concerned about the chemicals in plastic, bamboo is the best option for your health and the Earth. I will recommend companies for both bamboo and recycled paper, but this is the twist that doesn't always get said (but it worth knowing).

4. When in Doubt, Go Big

Our toilet paper is a good decision we make about once a year. We buy in BULK. This cuts down on the plastic, but it also keeps the switch very affordable. If you are still buying 8 or 12 rolls at a time, switching to bulk options will still be cheaper by the roll. Costco or even Amazon has bulk options.

We don't all have the space to house a year's supply of toilet paper. Check in with friends and see if they would like to split a huge order with you. I am calling this "Bulk Sharing" and I think this method of pooling resources and splitting huge orders can help people who live in small spaces access these items without living in a toilet paper hoard.

There is another benefit from this. When we buy the things we know we will need with longer term thinking (we can assume if we are living, we are also using the toilet), we stop having emergencies. Having to make urgent decisions (like the ones you make when running to the grocery store for something that has run out) leads to worse choices and more harm done. In terms of the environment, we are our worst selves in emergency mode. This can be a great way to break that habit.

5. We Can Do Better... Pretty Easily this Time

Ok, let's start with a regular toilet company, perhaps one with the most pointless bears as spokespeople. Worst, most condescending, and weirdest ads of all time. So let's start there. Charmin Ultra Strong comes in a pack of 9 for 16.95, so that is about 1.88 a roll.

So these are our best suggestions for shopping instead. Notice they are all cheaper, and most come wrapped in (recycled) paper instead of plastic as well.

Tushy toilet paper is made in America out of bamboo using eco-friendly practices. You would think it would be the most expensive, but it is 33 dollars for 36 rolls of toilet paper, so if you buy it in bulk it is under a dollar a roll. Ridiculously great. Thank me later.

The other pretty awesome new company is Who Gives a Crap that has recycled (48 for 48, so a dollar a roll) and bamboo (56 for 48 , so 1.16 a roll) toilet paper options. Equally cool, they donate half of their proceeds to building toilets around the world (did you know 2.3 BILLION people don't have access to a toilet?). So much awesomeness for wiping your butt!

Last year, we used Seventh Generation, and we bought 60 rolls for about 68 dollars (about 1.14 a roll). It serves its purpose and we generally like it. The Boy would tell you it is too thin. It also comes in all recyclable packaging

Marcal Small Steps sells 40 rolls, 1000 sheets each, is 50.66, so about 1.20 a roll.

Green 2 Tree Free- This company is pretty awesome (and lady-owned!), but the product is a little more fancy. It is made out of bamboo and sugar cane bi-products, both of which are quick-growing and sustainable, and you don't have to worry about BPA at all. If you buy in bulk (96 rolls at 114 dollars, so basically all you need forever, right?), you can get it for 1.16 a roll, which is even cheaper than the other options. Also has great reviews and comes in recyclable, plastic-free packaging.

6. Other Options Exist

If you are trying to go fully zero waste, you still have options!

First, you could do a bidet (or a bidet attachment like this one from Tushy). Not only do you get to be fancy and European, but you would save money with only a few years of use. If I had to guess, I would expect these to be way more mainstream in not much time.

The other option is family cloths, which is essentially toilet paper you wash and reuse. It has the worst name ever- it just sounds like you are spreading unspeakable things on your family members. I know a few zero waste people who use family cloths when they pee. Saves money and cuts way down on the paper product you are wasting.

don't buy angel soft toilet paper koch brothers instead try

Want more shopping tips and ideas for avoiding unethical companies? I have got you covered- check out my Giant List of Shopping Lists.

Want to make your home greener? No matter the size or location, you can limit your waste and make your house have a more positive impact on the environment. Check out the Green Home Page for thousands of ideas on how to do it.

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