Five Favorite Etsy Stores- Alternative Bouquets

by - Monday, May 29, 2017

I want to keep highlighting amazing makers in the US, and I feel like my Etsy links can get caught in the more mainstream shuffle. So starting a series to focus on the greatest stuff we have found. 

tinworks alternative wedding bouquet
this is made of tin, also the prettiest thing I have ever seen from tinfishstudio
If you are getting married in summer, fresh and local flowers is probably your greenest option. But many people can't afford that route or they are getting married in a season that doesn't exactly create a lot of blooms. Also, some people just want something they can keep. Etsy has you covered, and stores sell thousands of alternative bouquets that could fit your style. Here are some of my favorites.

 Anthology on Main (Kansas City) sells the coolest recycled book paper bouquets. There are a lot of paper bouquets out there, but their attention to detail and use of the text really stood out to me. Plus, I like the poppy centers.

madymae (New York) makes absolutely gorgeous  felt bouquets. I mean, I cannot get over how pretty this is. Perfect for so many styles (rustic, outdoors, picnic, indie) with a diy twist.

recycled plastic wedding bouquet

ArtePlastic (Arizona) makes these recycled plastic bouquets especially designed to steal my heart. They actually remind me of stained glass, so if you have a traditional/ futuristic aesthetic in mind. I just think this is so much cooler than any semi-realistic flower you could find.

MomoRadRose (Los Angeles) make pine cone bouquets, which isn't exactly uncharted territory in this pinteresty world, but I think theirs look really clean and a little more modern than the ones you usually see. 

SewManyPetals (San Francisco) makes this. If you can totally see this coming with you down the aisle, let me give you a hug, because you are all kinds of awesome. 

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