Fourth Anniversary Fruit and Flower Celebration Inspiration

by - Wednesday, April 19, 2017

bench under an apple tree

At some point in history, a beautiful genius decided that every wedding anniversary needed a theme. These themes are seemingly arbitrary, and there is even a modern version if the traditional ones don't work for you (we keep track of both here). Are they silly? Yes. Do they make sense? Absolutely not. Do I love them? You bet your ass I do.

The themes are a fun way to avoid the ever dreaded rut. The more you commit, the more you can avoid a boring future of dinners out or even worse, forgotten holidays. We have fun talking about the theme and how to celebrate.

By your fourth anniversary, it sure can be easy to phone it in. Just head out to dinner and call it a day. I will be honest with you, we did not nail this one (we were also a week away from a new baby, but still). We may have failed, but don't be like us! Be like you and awesome. The fruit and flowers theme lends itself to all sorts of cool inspiration. You can check out the gift ideas here.

What to Do

The ideas on Pinterest for this anniversary are particularly lame. Basically, just fruit puns. I have nothing against fruit puns, but its no inside tent or leather den or really anything fun. But clearly, they have missed the boat here, because I think so many great ideas are waiting to happen!

northern california berry picking wedding anniversary

1. Berry-picking- I know it sounds cheesy, but we have had the best time doing this. Living in Northern California, we could actually go pick strawberries right by the beach. Can you hear the sea lions when you look at this picture? Needless to say, it was cool. Lots of areas, rural and urban have picking farms nearby, and dependent on your anniversary date, you could do whatever is seasonal and available. Then go home and make something with it. It's an activity that is out of the ordinary, but it won't break the bank either.

2. Start a garden- Are you a late-spring/ early-summer couple? You got this. Plant something. Plant a bush or a tree in the anniversary's honor, and every year you can see how much it grows. Don't have a yard? Plant an herb garden you can use at home OR look and see if there is any planting that needs done in your neighborhood. You could even volunteer together for replanting somewhere or to work for a day in a community garden. It can be so fun to get your hands dirty, and isn't it always somehow better to do this kind of thing for someone else?

A good way to revise the flower/ fruit theme is "Growing." Your marriage isn't new anymore, but now we all know the secret that things don't stop growing just because they aren't saplings. Think about things that grow in your life and build your anniversary plans around keeping things growing.

canlis berry dessert for fourth wedding anniversary

3. Go to (or Make) Dinner Together- We went out for a fancy dinner this year, and when food is part of the theme, a dinner makes sense (otherwise, it can feel a little bit like the easiest possible answer).But I do think food in general makes sense, and if you have a fruit that especially resonates, you could pick it as a theme for food for the week!

Do a fun fruit salad. Or carve something out of fruit? I want to see some anniversary- themed watermelon sculptures!

melon animal sculptures for fourth wedding anniversary
I mean, come on. From Seasons of Joy
Maybe try a whole week of new recipes? Could you make a whole week of mango meals? Or try all the weird fruits in the grocery store you never go near? I think there is a fun adventure here waiting to happen. On that note...

What to Eat

This anniversary screams cake or pie, so there is plenty to dig into here. So this year I am looking for some fruity inspiration:

fourth anniversary wedding pie
from Design Sponge
Pie! I love this anniversary pie from Design Sponge. So simple and chic, and it might be a good choice if you aren't a cake couple. I love this heart pie crust as well.

step by step to make cake out of fruit for fourth wedding anniversary
from Eat Spin Run Repeat
Fruit Cake. You can do an actual fruitcake for a Christmas anniversary, but how cool is this for summer anniversaries? I love Eat Spin Run Repeat's step by step tutorial, but you really could make an amazing cake with whatever fruit you like (or matches your wedding colors).

Just a Regular Old Amazing Cake. There is infinite pinteresty goodness around cakes with fruit. This is a goldmine, so you only have to find what idea fits you best. I had all sorts of ideas, and our cake was jank. I mean, really jank. Such a mess that I won't even put it up here, which I am never above doing. So let's look at other people's successes and ignore my 4th year failure:

lemon blueberry cake for fourth anniversary
from Baker by Nature
Baker by Nature has a recipe for a seriously beautiful lemon and blueberry cake. So nice, and it looks so pretty.
chocolate berry cake
from Dagmar's Kitchen
This chocolate cake by Dagmar's Kitchen was the vision I had in my head when I thought about the cake. So pretty with the chocolate and the berries. Someday later I will make this cake. This one from Tastes Better from Scratch looks like a nice combination of the two.

lemon pound cake for fourth anniversary
from Plain Chicken
Lemon Sour Cream Pound Cake from Plain Chicken looks less fussy but still very pretty. Might be a good route if you don't have a ton of time.

Ok, these are my best fruit and flower ideas! What did you do for your 4th anniversary?

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