Tortellini Soup for Meatless Monday

by - Monday, February 27, 2017

It's February, and we are still going strong on our vegetarian eating one day a week! How is everyone else doing? Just remember, even changing one meal a week can have a positive environmental impact! Meat, come at a shockingly high cost for the earth around us. Producing meat products uses so much water, create so much waste (including plastic), and emits a lot of greenhouse gases.

Beef uses 11 times the water and produces 5 times the greenhouse gases of other animal proteins, so if you want the most bang for your environmental buck, that is where to start. 

We are still looking for vegetarian recipes to add to our arsenal, so I thought I would share some of our attempts and successes with you. My husband is an awesome cook, so I know we will find some good stuff to share. 

vegetarian tortellini soup

The Boy's mom recommended this recipe to him, so we tried it out, and it was really good! Might be perfect if you are trying to do something that is simple and freezes well (The Boy's favorite thing for food).

You can check out the source recipe here

don't buy butoni grocery store aisle

First, I want to say I got sent to buy the tortellini for this. I found a cool brand- three bridges- but if you only see Butoni, don't buy it. Pretend this post never happened. Butoni is owned by Nestle. Nestle has reached epic levels of nastiness in their search of money. The tortellini soup was good, but not good enough to give money to people who are stealing American water out from under us and trying to take away water as a basic human right.

Other options definitely exist, and honestly it would still be good with regular pasta if you don't have any other options for pre-made raviolis or tortellinis. 

I did buy spinach and cheese tortellini, because when you can add some veggies, why not? I also never really get the appeal of "three cheese" things. 

Ok, so if you want the recipe, look here. The Boy made a few changes: 

Add diced onion, garlic, and red pepper flakes. As a spectator, I would guess he used a third of a yellow onion, 5 cloves of garlic, and no idea on the last one. 

Add fresh basil and parmesan to the end. 

Thoughts afterwards- It was actually better than I was expecting, so what a nice surprise! The Boy was concerned about spice level and whether to add more vinegar, but I actually thought it could have had a little more tomato flavor. Maybe add some fresh tomato in the summer? I also thought a little sweetness might be good, so some carrots might be delicious. 

It was also a big hit with our two year old. Anything for noodles! 

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