Friday Five- No Cable, Naked Grandmas, and Dobby

by - Friday, February 24, 2017

1. Being Back in a Cable-free House

 I think when we had cable, I was kind of numbed to the regularity of ads as just a part of life. Now, we have gone 3 years in a house without it, so when we go to my in-laws or a hotel room or somewhere with regular tv, ads are just the worst. I especially hate the ads on kids' channels, which seem to mostly be for really disgusting processed food items. TV shows like the Today Show, which is just one long infomercial with celebrities (and fewer and fewer black people) are also super grating. Want to save some money? We are not without screens in this house, but I do not miss cable at all.

2.Beautiful Oops and We Came to America

I am prepping for another class at Seattle Recreative, combining art history and environmental stewardship for little kids. Basically, my dream job. This time, I am using the class to talk about American identity and how artists see their identities as citizens, immigrants, and stewards of our country. I am building up my library of art books for kids, and these two should be in your library if you have little ones. Beautiful Oops embraces mistakes and makes a growth mindset fun, seeing every mistake as an opportunity to create. Faith Ringgold's We Came to America is a beautiful and honest depiction of America's identity, filled with contradictions, dark histories, and collaboration. All in a children's book. Both are pretty great, and perfect for this moment. Check them out in a library!

3. These Ladies

If Climate Change isn't a reason for women to go topless and take a stand, I don't know what is. And if I can't have "Made the world a teeny tiny bit better" on my gravestone, I would happily accept "Now You've Pissed Off Grandma" instead.

4. Food as Decoration

Remember when we were kids, and our parents would buy the disposable tablecloths with some cartoon character's face on it? What happened to all of those tablecloths? Instead of wasting money on more instant garbage, use your regular tablecloths and make your food festive. Here is a Hedwig veggie tray and a Nangini sub plate.

There are millions of these ideas out there. We live in the age of pinterest, so the age of plastic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle tablecloths can be over. Don't believe me? Look here.  I count at least 20 posts about Turtle-y food (and not just pizza). Some look like they take more time, but honestly, they have a lot of wow factor and really make things fun. Huzzah to my mother and brother in law for taking our party food to the next level. Too cool.

5. This Dobby

 My mother-in-law's masterpiece and maybe my favorite part of The Boy's party (other than The Boy, of course). Made of recycled paper plates, toilet paper rolls, a tea towel, and pure genius. This guy was so cute, and he was almost always in someone's arms. Just goes to show you don't need big money for cool decorations, just pinterest, garbage, and determination.

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