Friday Five- Goodwill Dates, Target, and Winter Water Factory

by - Friday, February 03, 2017

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1. Goodwill Dates- Last week for date night, we had a fancy dinner. This week, we got sandwiches and went shopping at Goodwill. Weirdly, they turned out costing the same amount of money. I started out looking for pieces as part of a costume, and by the end, I had found a ton of stuff I actually wanted to wear. Most I didn't buy, but it was a good reminder that it is the perfect place to stop first.

Bonus, we bought a toddler table and chairs set for 7 dollars (32 dollars less than what it is listed for on Amazon). If you have never had a thrifting date, I highly recommend it.

2. Target's Push to List Ingredients- Since we have reached a chapter in our nation's history where the government won't require businesses to be good stewards, to be honest with their consumers, or to be ethical in much, it is incredibly refreshing and exciting to see consumers and retailers step in and demand transparency themselves. Case and point is Target, who is pushing for companies to leave out particularly harmful ingredients and to list the ingredients in their product on the packaging. In general, I am no big fan of huge chains like Target, but this is pretty cool, because if the big chains take stands on things like these, it can ripple down to the smaller (and usually more local) businesses.

Best part of this article? That Target is doing all of this as a response to growing demand for more eco-friendly, organic, and ethical products. So, go you! Your changes are part of a building momentum showing that we want better products and less of this nonsense.

Winter Water factory sweatshirt

3. Winter Water Factory- I don't buy our kids much new clothes. At all. I do buy maybe 1-3 pieces a size that I really love and are made in America. I loved the fun print of this sweatshirt, and it looks so cute on. Winter Water Factory clothes are made in the US and come in super fun prints like these aliens. They are not the cheapest (20-40 dollars), but you can feel that they are made well. Because I buy such a limited number of things, this doesn't seem so bad.

4. Chiobani (Just Don't Make me Eat it)- Starbucks got a lot of attention (both negative and positive) for committing to hiring refugees, but Chiobani has been in that game for a while. I am glad that there are companies out there helping people who really need by giving them opportunities.

5. Sick Days- Mostly, having sickies in our house for weeks has been a real bummer, but there is something nice about nesting too. Especially when it is still so cold! What does your family do when everyone is sick?

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