Five Favorites Friday- Plastic Film, Old Teacups, and Little Bitches

by - Sunday, January 08, 2017

Ack! This is the very first one, and it is late. The goal is to talk less about the awesome sandwich I had today and more about the eco-friendly and conscientious choices that are inspiring all around us. Despair and apathy aren't particularly productive, so I am going to put my energy into positivity instead. I would love to hear your favorites every week as well!

1. Grandmother Toys- These little boys are having a tea party with their grandmothers' old plates and tea cups in their Great Nana's house. These toys are more than 50 years old (the basket is from when we were kids, so more like 25). And they are still awesome and beloved. At my mother-in-laws, The Bub plays with a 20 year old doll house and hot wheels that were literally dug out of the front yard. Kids don't need a lot (especially if you play with them too), and it is fun to see these toys see another life with kids who could care less that their playthings aren't new.

2. Little Britches- Yes, yes. it sounds like Little Bitches. It only makes me like this little Franklin, PA kids consignment store more. They have a lot of great clothes and some of those supplies new parents never need to buy used (bathtubs. no one waste their money on baby bathtubs. Please. I am saying this for your sake). They have clothes up to size 8, and you could try selling stuff to them as well as buying things from them.

 They are also selling some handmade things I absolutely love, like blankies and these amazing braided rugs made of recycled materials. I couldn't get another thing in our suitcase, or trust me, one of those rugs was coming with us. It restores my hope in the world that a community as small as Franklin could sustain their own consignment store, but that is because buying consignment for kids is really the only sensible way to do it.

3. Funeral Trees- I had never heard of this before, but apparently instead of getting a big flashy funeral bouquet, you can gift a small sapling. Our family got four in honor of my sweet Aunt, and I love the idea that you could go plant it and make the Earth a teensy bit better while remembering someone you love. Just the sweetest idea.

4. Recycled Supplies- I love a recycled napkin and reused supplies. And I love my sister in law for going out of her way to reuse her leftover wooden wedding cutlery and to buy recycled napkins an plates.At moments in life when everything feels busy beyond control, making good choices can fall by the wayside (ask my diet), so it was especially impressive that we had a green lunch. I may never convince any of you readers, but I can proudly say I have peer pressured my family members into this stuff. And I love it.

5. Seeing People Make a Difference- I love hearing what people care about and what they are doing to make positive changes. It feels like this week, I have heard lots of stories about how people are making their personal lives, work spaces, and even their churches greener. I have also loved learning about plastic film recycling from a friend (read more about it here) and being totally inspired by her efforts in her own neighborhood.   It has given me hope in a pretty dark moment when I feel too down to do much good myself.

Hope you had a great week! Onwards and upwards into January!

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