Five Favorites for the Week- Soy Candles, Plastic Dollhouses, and Slowness

by - Friday, January 13, 2017

toddler holds soy candle lavender care package

1. Care Packages- God bless friends who send love in the moments we need it. Even better to have friends who send soy candles, local soup mix, and Burt's Bee's chapstick. The Bub wanted to rub the soy wax on his face. I still don't know why. But it was a nice reminder that a loving gift can really lift someone up when they need it, and I really needed it this week. Man, I am going to burn the crap out of that candle.

2.Slowness- For our first week back after the busy-ness of December, I am grateful for a truly boring week. A week to be sad (and also loud and happy, because toddlers do not accept sad and quiet). Also, I really appreciate now how much a slower pace allows for more thoughtful and intentional decisions. When you are in survival mode, you tend to make way worse decisions, so I am glad we at least have some control over our schedule now.

3. American Apparel Sweatshirts- American Apparel was bought by Gildan today at auction. Gildan is Canadian-owned, but they make the vast majority of their clothing in low-wage countries, so there isn't a ton of hope that they will maintain American Apparel's American made, sweatshop-free policy.

I will miss American Apparel's sweatshirts and their total lack of sweatshops (unlike other basics stores like the Gap). I will not miss their super creepy, sexist ads or the feeling that Dov Charney was sitting Scarface style with my money somewhere. Down with the perverts, but I am sad to see their American-made clothing go. We love their sweatshirts both for the adults and the bubs, and it feels good to buy clothes made by someone being treated fairly (or 3,500 someones in American Apparel's case).

root vegetables

4. Root Veggies- They have taken over my heart, and I may just wanted roasted beets and brussel sprouts from now on. I fear that I am truly an adult, but when the Boy makes them they taste sooo good! He made us a hash with these with salmon on top, and it was so freaking good. Going to work on some good parsnip and rutabega recipes, because at least here you can get them locally grown but pretty cheap even this time of year.

used dollhouse fisher price hand little boy toddler reuse ebayused potato ricer cali bowl

5. New Toys- The best part of January is Christmas presents. The worst part is also trying to figure out what to do with all those gifts! I don't know why people wait until spring. Now feels like the time to clean. But a few of the gifts this year have turned out to be total winners. This dollhouse is at least 20 years old, and the potato ricer is 40+. They are both new to us and beloved already. Things don't have to be new to be the perfect gift!

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