Five Favorite Things Friday- Toddlers Digging Holes, Leftover Chili, and the End of the Coat Rack Terror

by - Friday, January 20, 2017

leftover chili green onion and avocado

1. Leftover Butter Chicken and Sweet Potato Chili

 I can't completely explain it, but I do not love leftovers. My Dad will joke that when I come home, I fill his fridge with take out boxes I will never eat. I think it is that I want every day to feel special and fun, and there is nothing special or fun about reheated whatever. This is maybe my biggest Lightweight Environmentalist shames; I have let a lot of food go to waste.

I feel like I am getting better and better at this, and I try to use lunches with the Bub as an opportunity to clear things out of our fridge (in fact, sometimes I am too good at it and ruin The Boy's plans). I am letting go of the idea that eating something fun makes the day fun. Sometimes that's true, but often it is just fattening or fussy. We had a night where everyone ate different leftovers, and it was pretty awesome (my best tip- fresh herbs makes everything seem fresher). I still have a ways to go before I will stop trying to talk my husband into sushi on leftover nights, but I am proud to have made some progress anyway. And less food gets wasted, which I genuinely feel proud of.

2. Saying Goodbye to this Coat Rack

I love a good purge, but I love getting rid of this coat rack even more. For almost three years and two children's worth of night feedings, I have looked out our front door and thought there was a man on our porch. I have physically jumped more than once. It is always just this coat rack, terrorizing our living room from our front porch. You can't tell from the picture, butThe Boy bought me a new set of hooks (reclaimed pallets from Etsy, because that man knows me) for Christmas, so the coat rack finally moved on to frighten others. Glad it got a new home because it is in perfect shape. Equally glad that we are not going to deal with it anymore.

3.Dance Parties

Our household is currently obsessed with my brother's wedding mix, and my babies really like dancing to it. It's very cute in a week where some very cute stuff is desperately needed. Playing with little kids is the best and it's way cheaper than toys.

mount baker park volunteering seattle regreen

4. Volunteering with Toddlers

On Martin Luther King Jr Day, we took our boys volunteering for Regreen Seattle, planting native plants (and a few trees) in a park in our city. I am not going to say they were begging us to do it again, but there were other little kids there and honestly it went way better than I expected. With 5 adults to 3 toddlers (and one baby in a carrier), we got a bunch of work done and the children stayed safe and happy.

 I am not sure any of them had any idea what was going on, but I like the thought that my kids will feel like volunteering on MLK Jr Day is just the thing you do. I was pretty proud of us for accomplishing anything to be honest, but it just goes to show that the big long list of things you can't do with very little kids is basically nonsense. Except movies. You really can't go to the movies with babies.

5. More People Looking Climate Change in the Face

 Granted, those people aren't the ones in charge (how much do you think I will be writing about sticking it to fossil fuels in the next 4 years? A ton?), but so many people read about how hot these last three years have been this week. The news is terrible, but the fact that people are paying attention isn't (and are maybe scared enough to do something? Can a girl dream?). I am really frightened of the next four years, most of all because our now President is no steward, but if it can activate more individuals to pay attention and do something, that counts as a brightside, right?

Because once you face the problem, you can think critically about it. Once you admit you are part of the problem, you can be part of the solution. This is why people try to stay ignorant. It is so much easier to be apathetic or do nothing, but it is a lot more rewarding to do the right thing, even just one right thing a day. For the heightened awareness that will hopefully just keep gaining steam, I am grateful. And if you are feeling motivated to make some changes, I am always happy to boss you around.

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