2016 Goals- How'd We Do?

by - Wednesday, December 28, 2016

toddler pumpkin party painting with mommas

1. Get Better at Small Talk- Eh, is a total embrace of my awkwardness considered a success? Alas,  my banter is still sub par, but I do have a lot more people around that I really really like, so hopefully that tones that down a little. But, I think I have just accepted it and try to push through on a daily basis.The other thing is that toddlers give you about 10 seconds to talk before you have to chase them down, so even if I am awkward, being constantly distracted is way worse.

On the other hand, one of my favorite things about this year was that we really have some great friendships now with other parents, so I feel like I have a pack of friends and I am not always trying to make small talk with people who don't know us all that well. Small talk is easier now because I just keep meeting people that I really like, and the more I know them, the more I am glad that I know them. Definitely one of the biggest blessings of this year and of our life in this city. Makes Seattle feel more like home and less like a place where we should be small talking, schmoozing, and networking.

2. Music Playlists Every Month- Nope! Total fail. But I do know lots of Daniel Tiger songs? Does anyone have a music service they love? Because I hate them all.

3. Step up the Blog- Done! Still a lot of space to get better, and I am definitely open to suggestions, but I do think I am figuring out how to say what I want to say and how to improve the aesthetic around that. Looking to make more big improvements in 2017, but I do think I am figuring out how to make this useful to a broader audience, which s really my goal.

4. Leap into my 30's with Style- Does a video game themed birthday party and a brush with baby respiratory viruses count? So far, I like being 30, and I definitely feel as confident in my life and choices as I ever have. That feels good. Finding a schtick that is all mine, but I think I am accepting that I may never have the polish needed for real style.

5. Have More Small Adventures- We definitely had a good year for this, even though I turned out to be a prego most of the time We took a pretty spontaneous trip to San Francisco, we took a ferry trip, we drove to a random town festival outside of Seattle. It's another area where I think we (thankfully) have so many adventures ahead of us, but I feel like we really made the most of our weekends and I spent nearly no days at home completely alone this year. I know I have more and more kid baggage, but I am hoping to continue this momentum.

our first garden with tomato cages and herbs

6. Keep Greening that Thumb- Done! Tons of tomatoes, berries, green onions, and herbs. One pepper. Just one. We still have lots to learn, but the garden was my favorite part of this summer. It was fun to learn something new, and I like watching The Boy inspect his garden every morning.

7. Only Buy All-American or Used Clothing- Yes! Well, almost. I bought one bridesmaid dress and one pair of shoes for that wedding that weren't (I bought a Show me Your Mumu dress  first, but it couldn't contain all my post-prego curviness). Otherwise, I bought one pair of fair trade shoes and all made in America clothes and used maternity clothes. I also just bought a lot less and am trying to actually use up what I have. All used or made in America for our kids(minus parts of their wedding outfits) too. If I can do it, so can you!

de kooning art project for kids

8. Make More and Read More- Back to teaching art classes, thank goodness, so life is all about making again. I feel a lot more like myself. Plus, toddler-making is super fun so it happens often. I want to improve my photography, because right now I just shoot like mad, but I am happy to be thinking about it again.

9. Get More Sleep- Oh yeah! A switch in jobs and a kickass babysitter have given me time for self-care (writing this blog), writing good curriculum for my job, and pursuing things I care about. And even with a new infant, I am getting twice the sleep I was getting this time last year. It's like I am a person again. Thank goodness.

baby and momma sitting on the floor

10. Enjoy it- 2016 was rough, and honestly it is ending on some incredibly difficult notes. I don't think many people I know are feeling a ton of enjoyment about how thee last two months have gone.  That being said, I feel so grateful for our little life right now. I really am appreciating our kids and our little life with them. I think we are getting the hang of this in a lot of ways, so I am excited about that.

Yay 2016! Not stellar successes, but no big fails either. Let's go 2017!

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