Green Christmas- My 2016 Christmas List

by - Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ok, here is another Christmas list! I think we can get blocked and need inspiration for gift ideas. I also think it is easy to feel like everything is Made in China out of cheap plastic, but you can find eco-friendly options for most things on your list. This is my list.

joy to the world christmas tea towel from oh little rabbit
from oh little rabbit
Holiday Tea Towels or Pillow Covers- I used to buy holiday-themed decorations at places like Target, and though I do support their respect for the LGBTQ community, I wish they sold more eco-friendly options for shoppers. Now some of our tea towels are looking rough, and I would like to get some holiday decor that is a little more subtle to replace them. I love the tea towels (and everything else, frankly) from oh little rabbit. I also think pillow covers are a cool way to decorate, because they don't take up much room but can change the effect of the room.

Arbor Day Thank You Cards- My dream now is that I would never write another thank you card that didn't also fund planting a tree. The Arbor Day Foundation sells Give-a-Tree cards that I want as my stationary.  Wouldn't that be awesome? Think of how much gratitude and good air one person could produce in a lifetime! On the other hand, it's an expensive goal. So I would love the help. Blank thank you cards would make a truly fun gift.

Casual Dresses that will Last- I love a dress, but chasing toddlers doesn't lend itself to much fanciness in life. What I would really like are more t-shirt, tunic, or simple casual dresses, but I am trying to avoid just buying the thing at Target that will only last a short time. Simka Sol has some pretty tunics. I also love thief and bandit, though that is getting really expensive (but would hopefully get a lot of use. Used is also good!

rustic stocking holder with initials
from Lovely from Lindsey
Stocking Holders- We have stockings that we love, but right now they just end up on command hooks somewhere. I would like to be able to show off the beautiful gifts we were given, so stocking holders are the only decoration I am really thinking of. I think my favorite are these simple, modern blocks with letters from Lovely from Lindsey. Our stockings have a lot going on, so I prefer the simple ones. Ezze Blocks makes really simple ones with a photo clip that you could maybe change up every year? I think there is potential for this idea.

Be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do tote bag from etsy
from Homme Sur La Lune

This Bag- Who doesn't want some Leslie Knopeness like this? Most people? Oh alright, but I think it is the coolest. I have lusted after this all year.

Donations- Ugh, this year, there is no object I want nearly as much as I would like our environment to not be completely destroyed by a president elect who prioritizes other concerns way over the Earth. I think a donation to the NRDC, the Sierra Club, or a local, grassroots environmental effort like the Stop DAPL protectors would make a kickass gift.  I know this sounds lame or over the top, but I really can't think of anything I want more than to push the momentum in a positive direction, because we have a scary four years ahead of us.

usa pans cookie sheet
from Amazon

Cookie Sheets- Our sheet pan with a rim was a hand me down from my mom, and it is looking really really rough. I would like a cookie sheet from USA Pan with a rim to replace it once it bites the dust completely.

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