10 Things I am Grateful for in this Last No Good Week

by - Tuesday, November 15, 2016

So this week was the pits. I mostly try to stay light on politics, personal stuff, and my faith here, because I want this blog to be useful to someone other than my family members (and I feel mixed about putting my faith out for public consumption), but this week reminded me that a little focus on the positive might be in order. I think even if the election hadn't been the most heartbreaking ever, this week kind of would have been the pits. But this blog is all about being positive, so I am going to find things to be grateful for.

1. A Hug from a Friend- Last Wednesday, one of my friends from co-op and one of my absolute favorite people in Seattle stopped by at Seattle Recreative to give me a hug and share a tear (and some sass). I am so grateful for that moment, and I will probably remember it forever, because it just made me feel like we so aren't alone in this. Plus, it felt good to get it out of my system before going to hang out with a room of 5 year olds.

I think one of the scary things about this election is that it can feel like the bullies won. This guy who is so profoundly unkind to others won out, and his winning set off a whole slew of nastiness. In my darker moments, it feels like maybe trying to be a light is a waste of time. Destruction, ugliness, chaos- they all work pretty fast, and that makes them feel effective. But kindness works slower, partially because in reality you can only be kind to so many people at a time (you have to stop and listen). But I have been struck again and again this week at how resilient kindness and love are, even if they can never be as loud as antagonism.

2. Surprisingly Woke Kindergartners and Blissfully Oblivious Toddlers- I half-expected my class on Monday to be blissfully oblivious, but they quickly proved me wrong, and the very first thing they wanted to talk about was the election. We talked a lot about it, and for some of them, it means they may have to move, so this is no small thing (even for small people). It broke my heart, but it felt good to talk about it with them and feel like I was at least a little useful.

daniel tiger live and doll

Luckily, later that day, we went to Daniel Tiger Live and I got all the oblivious bliss anyone would ever need. A room full of toddlers and a trolley were just about enough to make me forget (almost). Plus, The Bub made me cry he was so excited. He just kept saying hello to Trolley and "Daniel Tiger off the TV." Perfect birthday gift.

3. Hillary's speech- I cry every time I hear it or see it, not because I am sad for her (even though I am), but because I 100% believe the first female president of the United States was watching it too. She may not have crushed that glass ceiling, but I think the loss has activated a whole generation of women including the one who will keep pushing for the goal she set. I am so excited for that day to come.

4. A Feminist Partner- I love the Boy for so many reasons, but it's hard not to appreciate him even more after this week.

icing bucket for collecting dead leaves

5. A Few Hours with the Frosting Bucket- I got this bucket from my Buy Nothing Group over a year ago, and it has been filled with way more green waste than sweets. I am feeling especially grateful for my Buy Nothing (and hoping you all will go join or start your local group- it's worth it), and this bucket is a perfect example of something that looks like junk but actually has so much more life in it.

goodwill vases on shelves

6. Goodwill Date Night- When actual romance is basically out of the question, cuban sandwiches and Goodwill make for a pretty alright substitute. Why does anyone ever buy a vase when you can get every kind on God's green Earth for 70 cents? Join Buy Nothing and go do some Christmas shopping at Goodwill. You will be so much richer, and you can spend that money on something cool.

space needle bikers

7. Space Bikers- After brunching, we were walking laps at Seattle Center to try to force a nap and kill time before a birthday party. All of the sudden, a huge group of bikers in cosmic spandex with planet diaramas on their helmets and backs came circling around the fountain. With the music playing, people taking pictures and enjoying the Saturday with their families, the music playing loud outside, and the totally bizarre fountain racing, it was a perfect moment. So weird. So Seattle. Such a good reminder that we are all so strange and different from each other, but that can make life really unexpected and wonderful when you least expect it (and even if the nap failed.

8. Running Around like a Crazy Woman- I like when I have my life together, don't get me wrong, but there is something consistently satisfying about having a lot to do. I feel fired up, and I can see a lot of things that need done that aren't just cleaning my yard or something.

9. Zumba and Bread- I can finally say it. My kid is a genius. He figured out what is missing in most exercise routines- a big chunk of french bread! So fun to have him dancing with us, and with his work out snack in tow. When someone comes up with a whole french bread workout, let me know, because I will be all over it.

10. Answered Prayers- Despite the election hoopla, my heart is mostly directed at two women in Tennessee right now. Praying for peace, joy, strength, and healing all the time and I am feeling so joyful that God does heal. I am grateful that I have seen God do miracles before, and I have faith I will see more, so with that on my mind and in my heart, I am going to pull out of my funk (and hopefully jump on a plane at some point so I can give people some hugs in person! I can't wait).

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